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Small league changes needed

by PandaHunterG

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Small league changes needed


Hi Friends,


In terms of league settings, there is one thing I know from the beginning that people make 2 or 3 leagues for promo rewards and tournaments winning stamina and league monthly grinding stamina. It is not that big problem for me comparing to the cheaters in the LVL. But I still want this thing getting controlled a bit if it is possible.


For example :1. The future promo achievements from the league can only be obtained once no matter change of league or not. It should be subject to the accounts not for the leagues.          2. Quit leagues cool-down, I would suggest a cool-down time to join another league no matter being kicked or quitting by oneself. It could be 12 hours or 24 hours.


It is very disgusting to see the cheaters in the top leagues creating 3 leagues in top 10 and jump back and forth to get all rewards by cheating and jumping. I dont hate jumpers at all but I hate really the Cheaters and jumpers are the same ones. That's why I make this feedback.


Thanks for your time.

**********BIG FAN of NBALM from Season 1. Interested in making NBALM great again. Stay Home & Play Together.
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