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Re: Smack in the face

by Real_Noobalishus

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Smack in the face

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Anyone else feel alittle cheated. Being a huge fan of the series it sucks to find out that the game has been dropped 50% after a lack lustre launch. I bared through the poor matchmaking to a pushed out patch release date only for it to come out and it was still bugged; ie the tides of war progression was not working. I preordered online the day it was available. I want to love this game, the visuals and sound are amazing but the gameplay and drip delivery content has to go. EA/dice hook us up with something 

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Re: Smack in the face

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I do hope that DICE can pull away a little from EA, for if this business model continues the foundational members such as yourself who do pre-order from the moment i gets announced will slowly dissapear and so will the enthusiasm for them to create more content........and in the end battlefiled as we know it may no longer have enough faith to warrant continuing the franchise. That would be a very sad day but one that we hopefully will never see

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