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by Aeionz

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Me and my mates have all agreed and need new skins so much potential with the characters, there’s nothing to want to grind for...1 legendary skin at end of battle pass?? That really it? All other skins are just re colours, like it’s so “sick” going up the battle pass to get a rare skin (sike) it’s boring, take prince of darkness for caustic that is sick like probs one of the best skins yet, but like have that style for all the characters, it’s all so out of context and random, and bring out new epic skins and banner customisation like new frames and poses, me n my mates all are bored of just pointlessly scrolling thru the same stuff, mate said other day I saved him when joined party cause he was gunna buy apex packs like what the point we used to buy em all time when game come out now it’s just blues or white or just same ol crap there’s nothing exciting to try get or grind for 

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You realize you stop getting packs right? The point of the cosmetics IS to buy the packs because the game is FREE. They don't make a single dollar unless people purchase packs/battle pass. The BP also gives you enough mats to craft a legendary that you want by the end. They give you a free legendary pack, you get a legendary every 30 packs 100%. Possibly more with luck. Each character has about 4 legendary skins which is more than enough considering you never see your legend. The weapon skins are the only REAL important skins since some are pay to win because of the sights being much better than the default. They also sell UNIQUE skins in the shop (again the only way they make money off the game and only reason you get to keep playing) so if you want unique skins you can either 1. buy more packs so you can unlock them or get materials to craft them, or 2. Buy unique skins that are un-craftable from the shop most of the shop skins are actually really dope and good looking besides a few. 


If you ever complain about a free game not giving you more free stuff then I don't know how to explain to you economics. Games take a lot of money to make and maintain and if no one is buying then it'll just shut down over time plain and simple. If you truly like the game you should be investing at the very least the BP. But since your main thing seems to be cosmetic then open the wallet and support the company. It might not always be the best game but it won't get any better without funding. EA is over Respawn and if they don't see a profit coming from it they won't contribute as much to it and just let it run it's course. It's the same for any game they'll stay online for awhile but keep dying with content because they can't keep a team working on something that produces no money.


Plus the game isn't meant to GRIND for cosmetics, it's meant (now) to grind for ranked and positioning on the ladder. Cosmetics are just nice little things to look at and have no real effect on the game besides the few weapons. Cosmetics were only ever made so people can support the company by purchasing them. The fact they give ANY out (outside of BP) is something you should be happy about because they didn't have to even give that.

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