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Skill-Based Matchmaking Blues

by BowToTheArrow

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Skill-Based Matchmaking Blues

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After a long day, I wait for my two friends to hop online, and we love to hop onto apex. It's really fun, some times. We avoid casual trios due to the overwhelming amount of level 500+ 20k kill trio stacks that pub stomp from predator and master. So we think to ourselves, "Let's play some ranked. Then there will be enforced skill based matchmaking." Thing is though, we get wiped by level 17-30 squads with 800-2000 kills a piece, proudly flaunting their bronze rank with their 20 kill badge and 4k damage badge. It's like a medal of honor to them to tilt us. Which it does, eventually. It's disheartening when we have amazing games, 1 in 5 times. And by amazing, maybe a kill each, sometimes one of us pops off. Like I'm gold IV, friends are silver 2 and silver 4, and i only ranked up by playing slow games being last man standing. not even by real skill. I really just wish there was some form of combatting this blatant ruin of countless games for people who aren't as good. I get you gotta boost your ego somehow, but why * on our games in the process. Isn't it more rewarding killing people your skill or better? Rant done Standard smile

-A lame casual player, no sarcasm or hate intended :D

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Re: Skill-Based Matchmaking Blues

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@BowToTheArrow I'm a mediocre player and its no different for me. From what I've read on these forums and experienced personally everyone is struggling with SBMM at the moment. There are not enough new players to match up with low skill and medium skill players.

I am waiting to see if it corrects itself when crossplay is eventually introduced. But until then I'm not confident Respawn has a solution. I think they probably even think there isn't a problem.
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Re: Skill-Based Matchmaking Blues

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Yea I do imagine crossplay and coming to steam will introduce more and more players. Maybe bringing in more $$ for the game, thus more attention to those problems?

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Re: Skill-Based Matchmaking Blues

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I only ever get matchmade with players who hold their controllers the wrong way up.


99% of games I'm the best player on my team.



Really unenjoyable gaming experience.

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Re: Skill-Based Matchmaking Blues

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I feel the same way. People eating sticks of glue on my team in pubs.

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Re: Skill-Based Matchmaking Blues

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Mine are window lickers.

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Re: Skill-Based Matchmaking Blues

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1. That because r shot get cancelled that why u r better.

2. Our internet is poor to switch shields from deadbox in time and to loot fast.


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