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Re: Situational Awareness

by Biochemikas

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Situational Awareness

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First off, I play on XBox.


While I am still tweaking my controller settings to find that sweet spot the one thing I am really struggling with is "Situational Awareness". I just seems to struggle identifying where the enemies are even when I hear footsteps. The shot indicators don't seem to help much as when I turn in that direction they have obviously moved. I seem to always lose the meeting around the corner encounter or get blindsided and shot in the back.When my squad get attacked I struggle to identify where they are and where they are moving to, where the attack is comming from.


Any advise would be apprieciated and I'm sure other would find it helpfull.

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Re: Situational Awareness

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Wish I could help you there but sound is the way to locate and Apex isn't as consistent as other games even on PC.  I play BFV and never have an issue with sound not working but I definitely have times where I don't get sound when enemies are nearby running around.  I chalk it up to the same performance issues for Apex that don't show other squad drop trials or rendering the squad at all when you are travelling to the same location.  

There is still a lot of inconsistencies in this area that need refined no matter the platform it may seem.

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Re: Situational Awareness

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Don't blame yourself... well maybe it's partly you @ClifraJones (I haven't seen you play) but alot of the time the footsteps aren't where they should be. For instance not hearing footsteps even tho an enemy is near you... while you can hear your teammate's elephant footsteps from like 50 feet away even when he's walking. Another one I had a couple of nights ago was hearing footsteps all over, except for the one enemy who was moving on my right...

I don't have issue with gunfire tho... so that's the part I mentioned where it might be you. I can hear gunshots happening at thunderdome all the way when I'm at market so that's not an issue for me. To deal with what you're having either purchase a better set of headphones or headset, turn up volume or look around constantly... I basically do the last one and that's why I'm usually the first one to spot enemies.

A thing you might do, which is free, is apply Windows Sonic sound configuration. To get it just go to settings -> sounds (or whatever it's called) and when you're over at your headset section (so the stereo compressed section) you have an option to either pick Windows Sonic or Dolby Atmos. Atmos you have to pay for, so pick Sonic. I tested both in the past and unless a game actually supports Atmos, the difference is negligible. Both offer a bigger soundstage so spatial sound will be alot better. This'll help you differentiate different sounds at different lengths over a larger 'field'.

Hope this helps

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Re: Situational Awareness

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It all comes with practice. A lot of practice. Just try to condition yourself to not be lazy even when nothing is happening. Keep tabs on minimap and your teammates. Get into the habit of looking at the map when you try to determine and remember location sounds and sights. Always look around and scan for movement (human eye may not be great at spotting small contrasts, but it's pretty good at spottting movement, even if it's just 1 moving pixel in the distance).

As for predicting opponents and tracking them - that also comes with practice. When you get better at the game yourself you can start asking "what would I do if I was in his shoes" and you'll get the correct answer(s) often enough.


And of course, the first rule of BR's: always look around when you're landing. The more opponents' landing spots around you can remember, the safer you will feel. And you can spend the downtimes to contemplation of what those opponents may be doing next - will they come to you? will any of them block your path to the zone? will they loot your intended loot path? do you need to kill them?

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