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Re: Sidearm Customization / Leveling / Challenges

by TTZ_Dipsy

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Sidearm Customization / Leveling / Challenges

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There is one aspect of BF1 i didn't think i would actually miss at all.... bu that is sidearms and the ability to customize their appearance but also their star's on the gun so i know how many i killed with it.



What i would love to see is some of the more interesting skins that we had in BF1, I don't anticipate 100% modular customization like we have for our main weapons but some of the nicer skins would be appreciated.  I would also love to see some more interesting side arm choices as well as there is a large selection to pick from and yes most were in WW1 but that should help!.


The leveling aspect is something i miss that i don't have a gun rank like i do for others and i know its mute for getting specialization unlocks but it is still fun to get a gun to rank 10 and then move on the Mastering the gun for a Gold skin. that would be nice for sidearms 


How do others feel on this do they want to get some sidearms customizations?



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Re: Sidearm Customization / Leveling / Challenges

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I was actually very disappointed to see us not getting any extras for our secondary weapons - we basically have these on our soldier longer than main weapons (unless you really don't like trying new guns) so it would make sense to get some sort of progression.

I mean, we did get a Red Devil Ruby but that just kind of continued the weird Hellfighter/Doughboy/Regular M1911 issue from BF1 which I didn't understand nor enjoy.

A simple kill-related set of assignments for basic or gold skins would be enough for me; maybe down the road, we'll see some really cool and custom secondaries from major players of the war (most likely purchased with Battlefield Currency for maybe 150 a pop which seems reasonable). I have no doubts we'll get more regular secondaries added to the collection later.

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