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Should I get Anthem?

by gjustinj

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Re: Should I get Anthem?

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@SilversurferguyWhy not talk about any of the good features at least, you know to kinda balance out all those echoed points.

What good features? There are none.

The features you think of as bad others might like. So I wouldn't say there are none.... maybe to you and those that have hit end game. But for someone starting out more they have all the way till end game ( remember it's a new IP with things not many of no other game has.)

Which is reached after 5 hours. OK what’s the big thing now? What „things“ could that be? Crashs? All the connection errors? There are new IPs which aren’t that bad then anthem. I would say none of all new IPs within 20 years made that bad.^^

the "big thing now" is maybe they just like the game. Your so anti anthem that you don't care what others think or you are just so against Anthem that you are forcing your opinions onto people. Relax if you don't like the game we get it. Again all your looking at is the bad try looking at what's actually good about the game. 


It took you 5 hours while it could take someone 1 year to get to end game you so t know the speed at which everyone plays at. 


Another "big new thing" is the cataclysm which is currently being tested in the PTS, as for crashes I have only ever had 1-maybe 2 so I dont see a big deal with that. Connection errors too, only a handful and most were 3-4 months ago when the game first came out now I have little to no issues when I play.

I tried, and yet I can say, there is nothing good to mention in this thing.


Cataclysm is no big thing. It’s just a bottle of water in hades.


I don’t care if you do not have crashes or connection issues, that’s no evidence nobody has.

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Re: Should I get Anthem?

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Hey everyone!


Please remember to keep your posts on topic and don't start arguments, which can easily turn into personal attacks. We're all here to have a polite and interesting discussions.


@Quinxder @Owl_Knighly - I've edited your posts and removed lines which really weren't necessary to add.



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Re: Should I get Anthem?

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@gjustinj The game is really cool and I think you get your moneys worth out of it. The only problem I see is the current state of matchmaking, which can make it hard to get into a game and the unpolished endgame systems that make the game kind of a chore when you're nearing max level.

That said - and I'm not sure how the current state of the matchmaking is - if you get into a session and don't have to wait too long, I would recommend this game. But also keep in mind that I don't think that the endgame is worthwhile.

I played around 180 hours and it was a good time. But I don't see myself nearly reaching Destiny 1 or 2 level commitment in the 1000-2000 hours + ranges.
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Re: Should I get Anthem?

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I went ahead and purchased this:

Anthem Legion of Dawn Digital Edition - PlayStation 4


Thanks everyone for your feedback.  I understand there is little to no end game, but I am going to take my time enjoying the content that exists today and move through it slowly as was suggested in this post.  I always have Division 2 to play in between as well, and I'm in a professional rock/metal band so my time is a little limited to play as is.  With that said, just wanted to thank you guys and look forward to playing it some more and learning what the game is all about and will watch for additional content from EA/Bioware. 


Rock on people.


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Re: Should I get Anthem?

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Welcome to Anthem, hope you enjoy at least half as much as I have, if so you'll not be sorry for the purchase. GL

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