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Should I get Anthem?

by gjustinj

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Re: Should I get Anthem?

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Beats a kick in the * with a frozen boot.


Especially if it's an electric boot, because then you'd get combo'd *-kicked for 3x the damage.

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Re: Should I get Anthem?

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Re: Should I get Anthem?

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@gjustinjI think Anthem is a good game. It's not the best thing ever, seeing how it lacks some content. However, the overall game in its current state is fine IMO. There is the main story, contracts, legendary contracts, challenges, free play/dungeons and stronghold for you to do. The game at first had its faults with constant connection problem and such, but over the few months, it has gotten better.


The other issue people have with this game is also due to the drop rate of legendaries. I've personally seen some people get full 788 on their jobs in the first month of playing, however, I wasn't one of those people. So as far as the drop rate goes its "okay" but could be better, after all, if they increase the drop rate to a higher point than it currently is, it would give people more things to complain about. I've been playing anthem since early release and I can definitely say I've gotten my money's worth.


A lot of the fun I have in Anthem is also due to I have quite a few amounts of friends I play with. At this current point in time, I currently have all 4 javelins at 788, with all achievements done and 99% of the challenges finished. I've taken my time and completed the quest and such so it's been a good game to me. I am also currently at 131k out of the 150k for the champion of Tarsis quest also. If you don't listen to the media and haters from Reddit who can't culminate an individual opinion without being biased it's a good game.


If you can get the game on sale that would be great. If you play the game on/or planning to play the game on NORMAL/HARD or GM1 you will probably not get your monies worth. GM2 and GM3 are definitely where the fun is for Anthem. Most people that complain about the game's content and say that there is nothing to do mostly just play on HARD/GM1 and expect the game to be just as rewarding as if you were playing on GM2/3.

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Re: Should I get Anthem?

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I was really hoping the new boss villain would be named "The Merrimack".

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Re: Should I get Anthem?

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@Quinxder wrote:

@Owl_Knighly wrote:

@Quinxder wrote:

@Owl_Knighly wrote:
@SilversurferguyWhy not talk about any of the good features at least, you know to kinda balance out all those echoed points.

What good features? There are none.

The features you think of as bad others might like. So I wouldn't say there are none.... maybe to you and those that have hit end game. But for someone starting out more they have all the way till end game ( remember it's a new IP with things not many of no other game has.)

Which is reached after 5 hours. OK what’s the big thing now? What „things“ could that be? Crashs? All the connection errors? There are new IPs which aren’t that bad then anthem. I would say none of all new IPs within 20 years made that bad.^^

the "big thing now" is maybe they just like the game. Your so anti anthem that you don't care what others think or you are just so against Anthem that you are forcing your opinions onto people. Relax if you don't like the game we get it. Again all your looking at is the bad try looking at what's actually good about the game. 


It took you 5 hours while it could take someone 1 year to get to end game you so t know the speed at which everyone plays at. 


Another "big new thing" is the cataclysm which is currently being tested in the PTS, as for crashes I have only ever had 1-maybe 2 so I dont see a big deal with that. Connection errors too, only a handful and most were 3-4 months ago when the game first came out now I have little to no issues when I play.

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Re: Should I get Anthem?

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@gjustinj The very fact that you have taken the time to make a query in the form of a post topic in this "official" forum, only speaks volumes towards the fact that you are Very much in doubt!


If you think Division 2 is, Lol "repetitive", anthem is Not the game wanna pick up, unless it has a freebee tag on it.


Buddy, if ever a time to Trust your Gut!


And just to get it out of the way, my response: Imo, No I wouldn't recommend it.


Why? I get the sense, that you have clearly been doing some research and haven't conclusively come to a "final" decision, yet.


And as to the Why? The many<<---yup, plural, but you already know that. Problems that aisle this game. weather it being in the form of Bugs, Lack of content, Lack of sense of direction, and most talked about, Lack of Loot among some of the top ranking problems.


Another way to look at it could be: anthem has been out since Feb. And since then I believe anthem has already had 13-14 patches, hofixes and what not.


Constantly something being broken ingame. Constantly quality of life hassles, popping up everywhere.


As a matter of fact, I am on console by the way. A bug or glitch that makes it seem like certain NPC´s have something they want to talk to me about, Yup you guessed it, IS Still! Freaking accuring, Even though, it was "supposed" to be patched after 1.03 and the 1 not so terribly long after. 


I could go on, and IF you absolutely just gotta try it out for yourself.  My advice, wait until at least! 2-3 weeks, after anthems Delayed, First! Content addition to anthem, since launch (Cataclysm) has concluded. Read reviews, articles, watch streams and last but not least, as you doing now, Ghost the different forums and social spaces and judge for yourself what is being said.


Do you like gaming industry trivia? If so, have a Looksy:



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Re: Should I get Anthem?

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@gjustinj You should surely buy Anthem, it has great value for the discounted price: characters are much less ugly than in The Division 1-2 and Warframe, animations are much better, parkour is better than in Warframe by an order of magnitude, environment looks much more detailed, setting is less boring than a generic junkyard in The Division 2.

Campaign is nice. The game becomes repetitive soon after it because there is no loot chase: you'll get 788 set in ~50 hours after finishing campaign and if you don't want to farm equipment for three other javelins that's pretty much it. There is no fashion end-game because cosmetics are very limited and cannot be bought or farmed at will.

Unless you actually enjoy the gameplay you'll get 30-80 hours and then quit till the next update (in two weeks probably). Which is still a great value for the price.
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Re: Should I get Anthem?

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@Viewga  Seriously, what game are you playing? 😂 Better animations and parkour? Anthem has no parkour in place. Certainly not like warframe. The game is pretty to look at I’ll give you that

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Re: Should I get Anthem?

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I got change still in my pockets (tosses his 2 cents into the wishing fountain).  Not much to say after all that's already been said.  Its fun and all...until the smoke'n hype clears, and you stop for the panoramic view which @Silversurferguy summed up well in my opinion.  A few more post afterward, the reading began to blur, as my eyes turn bloodshot from seeing the same things over and over.  Its fun as I said until the developer credits began to scroll after what seems like just a few days of playing and you start to feel like that guy at the hockey game in the car insurance commercial when his car gets stolen as he watches from his phone [Wut...WUT...WHUTTTT!]


If you're still not sure after reading the responses here, as to whether to take the plunge or walk away, don't forget that EA Origin Premier may be another option.  I recently saw a 7-Days Free offer on my app.  Wish to try it out, get Origin Premier for a month (set phone reminders to cancel before the 30 days arrive, as its easy overlook it).  I would not suggest using the PTS to sample it, as the spoilers will totally ruin it the public release version.


You could also just forget about Anthem for a good long while and come back to it in a year or two and see if new content was eventually added by way of finishing the Acts 1 - 3 (don't hold your breath) and/or DLC packs.

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Re: Should I get Anthem?

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Sure why not, it's not going to hurt you.


And besides it can be fun

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