Short Feedback (Origin App)

by MysterTe3

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Short Feedback (Origin App)

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This is a bit of a Feedback post about Origin. It's not a comprehensive one dealing with every feature and aspect of it, but I do have some things to say that I wish the people behind it would take to heart - though I doubt very much this post will even be read by anyone, but whatever. Shooting into the dark is fun.

I'm not sure where to begin, so I'll just get into it. 


Rickety Store Page


Not sure if other people have a similar issue, so this might just me little ol' me, but for me the Store Page is extremely laggy. When Origin loads it, the page jitters, gets stuck, slows down Origin and can become completely unresponsive and buckle under its own weight or just take a while to complete my complex, unreasonable instructions ("scroll slightly downwards" - I'm a demanding monster, I know).

If I want to look up a game or browse the store I experience this issue every time. 


Steam has its rickety moments for me, but for the most part the experience there is much, much smoother and moments of rickety-ness are very rare and they go away quite quick.


This little issue is exacerbated since Origin loads on the Store page on default upon logging in. Meaning my first minutes of logging into Origin are spent minimizing Origin and doing something else while I wait for it to get its $%^& together. I know you can change that setting in the Preferences, but that doesn't make for a more pleasant initial experience when one first launches the application for the first time.


Advanced Purchasing Mysteries




If I want to buy games on Steam I only need to go to the store page, find products I want and click a very visible button to give Steam my money.

Steam has a nice Cart (a wonder of technology dating back to at least and if I find one product I want, I can simply click YET ANOTHER highly visible and easily accessible button to "Add to Cart". 

This act of sorcery adds the product to my cart - which is ALSO highly visible with a nice icon at the top of my page, this little guy follows me around on my journey through the Steam Store, showing me I have stuff in my Cart waiting for me to purchase them. I am now free to continue browsing and adding more products to my Cart, and since my Cart is its own page showing me such forbidden information such as the total cost of my purchases, if I've finished my shopping for the nonce I have yet another button that says PROCEED TO CHECKOUT. 




I have seen Bigfoot more often than I have seen any evidence of this rather basic, not-wholly-undeservedly-expected feature. There is no Cart - or if there is one, I have no idea where it's hiding. Where is the Bigfoot's lair in my Origin? Hello? Do I really have to buy products individually? 


Product Trials Pathfinding


Here's one small gripe about another feature you have and I'm again not sure if it was just me or if other people had trouble with it.


First, I want to say - thumbs up on the idea itself. Really. Giving people free trial periods on certain games is a smart idea. 


You know what's less smart?

Making actually getting the trial product a confusing, unclear thing. So far I have only gotten one product on a trial and if you were to ask me how to download and play it, I would have to take a long minute to try and recall how I even did it. Seriously, it took me a while to figure out how to download a free trial product from Origin.

I think what I did was to click something in the product's page in the Store and then maybe go to my Hidden Games library, where it was cleverly hidden by Origin, and then hit another button - but I seriously don't remember if that's how I did it.


I'm not sure if this is clear to anyone reading this, but this is not a good thing. Not very.

True, you would prefer having a customer making an actual purchase rather than acting like an indecisive so-and-so and get a free ride on your product, but I presume you gave us the option to get those Trials because you want us to get them. You want us to have a taste, get hooked and open our hearts and wallets to you, right? 

Not sure hiding the way to get the Trial is the right move here, then. Maybe you could actually mention HOW TO DO THAT when you give me the option, Riddler


Speaking of riddles...




I'm not sure if I should confess this publicly, but I downloaded the Trial for Sims 4 (a product that you have, it's a thing). At the time of writing this post, there is a Sale going on for this product and its related products.



Just as a tangent note: I'm not actually a Sims player - I bought and played the first two Sims games back when they first came out, when I had the social license to play games like this without incurring awkward silences and stifled snickering from anyone who found out, but I was curious to see how much a dedicated new Sims player (not me, a friend of mine who wishes to remain anonymous) would have to shell out for a bunch of Sims stuff (end of tangent)


In the store page for this product there is a large mini-page at the top declaring the sale and telling me to "grab some sweet Sims treats at up to 50% off" and offering some kind of... bar thing where you can add products to it... for... something, I'm guessing? Is this like a Cart? did I find Bigfoot's Lair? What is happening right now? it's definitely saying "Select Games Below to Start Saving". This is an invitation, Origin.


Ok. After some clicking around and a few grunting noises coming from me, I managed to discover (on my own, thank you) that apparently what you're supposed to do here is click on the pictures of the products below and then select an "Add to Order" button. If you click the title of the product it will only bring you to the product's store page, where all of this magic is not present. 

Ok, after all that nonsense I put a bunch of products into the thing and looked around for some kind of button to see what the total of my purchases would be. If there is one, Bigfoot hid it as well. It's being held next to the Cart in an unknown lair location, please send a rescue team.

If you select the "Buy" option on an individual product's page, it only gets you into a purchase of that product alone, so I'm guessing the bar thing in the main Sims page is not a Cart, but some kind of lie that dressed up as a Cart for Halloween. 


I'm not sure which branch of Hogwarts teaches the Advanced Divination Course necessary to figure out how to give you my money here, Origin. 


In case this did not occur to anyone who designed that page - "how do I make the purchase?" should not be a question a customer need ask themselves for longer than a second or two (5 seconds, if they're a particularly distracted customer). There should be a visible button that says "Buy All Selected" or whatever.

Also, since you went through the trouble of telling us to "Select Games to Start Saving" - you might want to show us what the total cost of those products combined would be and what exactly I'm saving here. You know, like Steam does. Steam shows you the cart and at the buttom there is a nice "here is what all of this stuff you picked costs you, here are any discounts calculated into the cost" thing there, right next to a "CLICK HERE TO GIVE US YOUR MONEY" button. 




Ok, whatever, let's say I select an individual product in the Store page and want to make a purchase. I click the "Buy" button and...


...and I get a tiny popup the size of a small ruler, which can not be adjusted or resized - all the purchase information and fillable fields for my paypal/credit card information are tiny slivers that require me to scroll up and down to even see one of them. What in the actual f$%^, Origin!? Is this an elaborate troll?  


Again, I'm not sure who designed this popup window, but this is not exactly convenient. You want to make the process of making a purchase as convenient as possible - ideally, with the purchase page somewhat visible and easily accessible. Is this not a thing that is obvious? 

This is the equivalent of a store clerk leaning over the counter to open his coat and tell me to write down my information on the seams of his inner pocket. I'm not gonna do that, Origin.


I'm not sure how I made the purchase for Dragon Age, but I don't remember having to wrestle a tiny popup window in order to do it. 




It should bear mention that some of those issues might have solutions that other people figured out and I didn't, because I'm a fool. But in this day an age, even a fool like myself can un-fool themselves by hopping on a message board like this one and saying "I'm a fool, help me!"


You know, like Steam does. 

On Steam there is a central community hub featuring a general message board for everyone, easily accessible from the Steam interface with a large, visible button saying "C-O-M-M-U-N-I-T-Y". Every product has its own community page where players can hop in to ask questions, share information and call each other fools - while developers can hop in to post updates about the product and ignore feedback from players. Everybody's happy.


If there are Origin forums, why are they not accessible in the Application? Is this not a thing that anyone thought of? Did it not occur to anyone that a customer might want to access a message board through the application they have open on their screen? 


In Conclusion


I might just be foolish, having missed some obvious buttons or features somehow (but I used my eyes, the way they taught me in the army - I swear I didn't see any buttons), but all of the above issues might explain why I only have 3 or 4 products in my Origin library and almost 100 on Steam...


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Re: Short Feedback (Origin App)




This was great feedback, actually! It's been forwarded so we can take a look at the points you made.


In the meantime, thanks a lot for taking the time to write this up - we truly appreciate it Standard smile


Kind regards,

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Re: Short Feedback (Origin App)

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Community Manager (retired)

Hi @MysterTe3,


Contrary to your expectation, we do read a lot of feedback here!


It sounds like you're experiencing a lot of anomalous behavior.  Perhaps you can run the Origin Error reporter tool (from the help menu) and send me the report ID in a private message.  That will allow us to understand what kind of computer you have (and whether any of the issues you're experiencing may be related to that), as well as whether you're encountering any service errors.


To address some specific questions:


  • The latest version of Origin doesn't have a global shopping cart. With the latest version of Origin, we had a choice to make: Keep the cart, or try to optimize the single-item checkout flow.  Since outside of specific sales or promotion periods, most users only purchase 1 item at a time, we opted to optimize for the single-item case.  If you want to purchase multiple products, you can generally check out several times in sequence.
  • When we have sales or build-a-bundle promotions where we expect most users will purchase >1 item, those pages may introduce a page-level shopping cart.  This is what you're seeing in the Sims 4 case.
  • The idea of integrating the forums into Origin has been in discussion for a while. While doing so is conceptually simple, there are quite a few technical challenges in doing so.  We'd like to move things in this direction though, and are exploring how to make that happen.

As Tom already noted, we'll explore this further internally and see if we can tease out any root causes of the anomalous issues you're seeing, or whether some of our pages need some additional design love.  Thanks again for all your feedback.



Origin Product Team
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