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Re: Share Your Creations

by martamydea362

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Share Your Creations

★★ Novice

Tired of Your Galaxy Feeling Dull?

While some of us have found popular creations and creatures, it feels upsetting when your galaxy is either filled with poor content, or the same three good creators over and over.  Are the times you've seen Yoshi egg spaceships or Mailbox city halls getting on your last straw?  Use this thread to advertise our own (or less popular but not-yours) Spore accounts and add to the pool of decent content in a galaxy.


Optional Format:

  • Spore Username
  • What Type of Creation Usually Made (Creatures [Specific Stage?], Vehicles, Buildings, Adventures)
  • Theme of usual Creations (Sci-fi?  Fantasy?  Realistic?)
  • Do your creations use the 'gaprop' or 'set:name' tags when appropriate?

My Creations:

I am BrythonLexi on the Spore website, and I usually create semi-realistic creatures - however, I have also designed vehicles and buildings others can use.  My creations are not low-skill, but also fit the standard Spore aesthetic and are not over-detailed, instead relying on a solid paint job to make a creature pop!  My creatures are usually created for Creature stage, with a couple of Tribal and Space versions of Creatures as well.  I also have several early creatures, of which Bulbtail has been pollinated a lot.

If you enjoy my creations, please leave thumbs up and comment on those which you enjoy; and I shall engage with yours the same if I like yours.

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Re: Share Your Creations

★★★ Novice

My Spore name is EEEEEinsertstuff. I make mediocre creations, although they aren't just 'take a stick and put a mouth on it' bad- I'm proud of quite a few of them, and I especially like the Wyverr. I usually create Creature stage creatures, sometimes Adventures. They have a more Spore-like feel, I try to have details sometimes but usually I just stick with very Spore-like creatures, mostly the Blindchompy. Another guy who has a lot of one creature type is Juanchopalta, he has mostly Alriorous. I don't know if I even spelled that right, but the Alriorous are basically what your creation probably is right after getting out of the Cell stage. Most of them, anyways. Either way, whether you want to spice things up with some not GOOD but not BAD creations, me and Juanchopalta are the guys for you. We don't use the set:name tags, and I have one gaprop that doesn't even have the gaprop tag. It will soon, though!

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