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Re: Server Side Update: Firestorm Matchmaking

by SnakeEyesPC

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Server Side Update: Firestorm Matchmaking

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Community Manager

Afternoon folks -


Super quick update on a backend change that we've made for Firestorm today. This is all on the server side so you won't need to grab a patch or anything to see the changes.


🔧 The pre-round timer now activates when 8 players are connected, and have loaded into the lobby. It begins at 300s and counts down silently until it hits 60s, at which point the clock appears.

🔧 The timer will now instantly skip to 10 seconds when 64 players have loaded in.


*Edit: We've made a few changes since we deployed the update, based in part on what we've seen and what you've came back and shared with us. The post has been edited and we've removed the original version for clairty.


If you see any funky behaviors with it, don't be shy to let us know below.








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Re: Server Side Update: Firestorm Matchmaking

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These are great news!

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Re: Server Side Update: Firestorm Matchmaking

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It worked. We could actually play. Being in the lobby was way better than refinding a game every 5 mins only to be disappointed again and again. We spent 1.5 hours trying to get into a game yesterday prior to this fix. Then after the fix, we were in the lobby and could see the server populating allowing us more understanding as to what was going on. 


Players will wait to play if they can see any light at the end of the tunnel. Before a find game would time out, and we would start again to find game, now we're in!


Thanks for listening and hopefully word will get out that games will populate if you're patient.  


Now.... can you fix my 250 ping? 




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Re: Server Side Update: Firestorm Matchmaking

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Since the patch, my friends and I have experienced a bug that prevents us from playing Firestorm Squad Mode. (middle of the day US Central Time).


What happens:


If we join a North American Firestorm server (~40-60ms ping) the server shows between 10 and 36 people connected. All of the guns and ammo are missing and the game never loads (even when 32+ people are present). This makes me think that the server is "stuck" -- where it's obvious that lots of people have joined, taken ammo/guns, waited, and gave up. Maybe the servers need a hard reset? Maybe there should be an algorithm where if less than X people are connected to a server for Y minutes, that server resets or a new server comes online for people to auto-re-queue.


If we happen to join a non-US server (130ms+ ping), the servers seem to work.


Either there's something broken server side or there's literally less than 40 people looking for a squad firestorm match during the day in the USA.


Let me know if I can provide any additional info to help you look into this...

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Re: Server Side Update: Firestorm Matchmaking

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Yesterday i played some firestorm games but i didn't notice any of these changes.the 60 second pre-round timer was still there and didn't skip to 10 sec with the server fulled.

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Re: Server Side Update: Firestorm Matchmaking

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To piggyback a bit off of @ChevelleTX 's post - I had a similar problem the first day the patch was out. It was 1pm pacific time so roughly the same, but the room never made it past 10 people; all the guns and ammo were gone so it seems like the lobby had been hung up for a while. Matchmaking has been fine since so I can only assume this was some sort of refresh problem related to other players maybe staying in-game since the patch hit.

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Re: Server Side Update: Firestorm Matchmaking

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Yeah lots of problems. Spawning into the same broken server 4 times. Basically show up and there are no players in the server (it says 14 connected but no one is spawned) and there are no guns or ammo in hanger (or some guns scattered but no ammo), implying that it has all been used up - or isnt spawning. Then my squad quits and 2 or 3 minutes later is placed back into the same near empty server, only to watch people connect and quit for 10-15 mins before we quit and are again placed back into the same server when looking for a game. Not sure why this is happening or what it means, hope that it helps yall start to fix the issues. I am playing in US East

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Re: Server Side Update: Firestorm Matchmaking

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If it helps, it just happened again and I wrote down the instance number:

Instance # O10uwXFC
UTC 5/15/2019 @ 19:05
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Re: Server Side Update: Firestorm Matchmaking

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Thanks information. 

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Re: Server Side Update: Firestorm Matchmaking

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Good news for Oceania players

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