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Separating Storm's cloak from body

by acetrip6

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Separating Storm's cloak from body

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So this isn't a huge issue or anything but I just thought it would be much better if the Cloak of the Storm was a separate customization option from the main body. For exemple on that picture, let's say I want to keep the light pink color on the main body, but have a black cloak. Currently I can't since they're tied to each other. I would much prefer being able to individually change the visual properties of these items.

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Re: Separating Storm's cloak from body

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Good suggestion. More customization options will come over time, i think. Even for pilot... But ATM there are more important priorities to add/fix/change in the game.

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Re: Separating Storm's cloak from body

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I agree whole heartedly. The ability to say, mix the legion of dawn cloak, with the banshee torso and salvage arms would look absolutely awesome. Add to that a whole level of further customisation options it would crest even more draw to the game.
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