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Season 9 ‘exciting’

by Koochi-Q

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Season 9 ‘exciting’

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Re: Season 9 ‘exciting’

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I hate to be the pessimist/cynic, but I'll believe it when I see it. I'm more worried about S8 being a dumpster fire. I don't have the energy to worry or wonder what season 9, 10, and 11 will bring.

That's just too far to look ahead, in my book. I can't even be sure if I'll still be playing by then (without going into every specific thing... again, let's just say that S7 has used up a lot of my patience and understanding with this game).

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Re: Season 9 ‘exciting’

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@JonStriker126 Yea same, but I see it from both sides. As having coded myself and have several friends in IT ranging from tech guys to network programmers/controllers, I know how infuriatingly difficult it is to get a piece of tech (be it software or hardware, but mostly software) out in a state which you can call it stable...

On the other side, Apex’ track record has been stellar... for getting more bugs & glitches with each season it seems xD. They should have 3 teams and each only focuses on their season as now I’m pretty sure all Apex staff work on multiple seasons simultaneously...
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