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Season 5 in a nutshell

by SHiNWiN

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Season 5 in a nutshell

★★★★ Apprentice

1- Footstep audio doesn’t exist anymore


2- SBMM has been toned to the max 


3- Hit registration has MAJOR issues


4- Servers are somewhat laggier than before


I would like season 4 back please... jk


I understand that the devs are working from their homes and we all appreciate it. I just hope these get fixed ASAP because the game is unplayable for me ATM 

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Re: Season 5 in a nutshell

★★ Pro
1 and 2 aren't really a problem for me.

3 is a major problem, while I don't know if 4 is just my internet with a 3mb/s download speed, or the game.
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Re: Season 5 in a nutshell

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