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Season 3 Idea

by Strayfuh

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Season 3 Idea

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Apex Legends


Season 3




Since Wattson’s debut at the Apex games, the competition hasn’t felt the same. All the combatants were formidable, but never were they directly involved in the creation of the games. Wattson’s appearance has slashed a divide among the ten combatants. One side who supports her and joined the arena to make, protect and give back to friends and family. The other who have themselves in mind, and what cost they have incurred because of an unfair advantage. And the new Legend coming in season 3 will wedge the divide even further.


Season 3 of Apex Legends introduces the ability to choose a team at release. These two teams represent the division in the Apex games and will encourage players to choose a side. The two teams will consist of five, but once the new legend is officially released, one will have six, depending on that character’s morality, but I think it would do well to put them on Team Chaotic to try and offset a bit of balancing. Team Noble has some of the best legends in the current meta but is necessary to maintain story. This may seem to give a slight advantage to Team Chaotic, but I truly believe the pick rate for characters in Noble will offset it.


Team Bangalore and Team Caustic


Team Noble and Team Chaotic


Team Noble: Bangalore, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Pathfinder, and Wattson


Team Chaotic: Caustic, Wraith, Octane, Bloodhound, Mirage, and (New Legend.)


This split, while at first may seem to split the community, will encourage more loyalty to story and characters and will not dissuade Legend selection. Season 3 will still have one battle pass, but what if those BP points and EXP went towards a global event as well. Once a player chooses a team, there BP and EXP will also go towards a global team meter. At the end of season 3, the winning team will receive unique rewards for the characters in that team. When players play a character from their chosen team, they will add double their BP and EXP towards the global progress. When they play someone not from the team, they will add the regular base amount towards the global progress. This rewards players for sticking to their team but doesn’t punish them for picking someone outside of it.


This division also impacts the map with the Leviathans continuing through King’s Canyon and each team creating fortresses on opposite sides of the map that showcase their leaders’ taste. Team Noble will have a barracks that show cases Bangalore’s military background. Team Chaotic will have an intricate lab to showcase Caustic’s infatuation with poisons and gas.


Each team also sees value in different weapon types. Team Chaotic sees value in the EVA-8 and create a hop-up that increases the drum size and fire rate. Team Noble sees value in the G7 Scout and create a hop-up that makes it fully automatic.


The new legendary weapon is a gold SMG called the Shredder. It has an insane rate of fire promoted by its two-bullet barrel design, but it has a longer reload time than your standard SMG.


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Re: Season 3 Idea


Some really great ideas here and food for thought, I know that Respawn have their content planned out for years already but I hope something like this comes along! 


The shredder sounds a whole lot like a bigger/faster alternator haha! I'm holding out for the Volt (Energy SMG)

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Re: Season 3 Idea

★ Pro

Sounds like Plants vs Zombies Standard smile

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