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Season 2 badges???

by RelentlessShiba

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Season 2 badges???

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Why is there no badge specifically for season 2 kills and season 2 damage?

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Re: Season 2 badges???

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I didn't understand why they removed them.   All there is is S2 wins.  Funny thing is that now most ppl have two season 1  trackers displaying with the season 2 win tracker because there's really nothing to replace them with.  The kill tracker was the primary tracker people wanted.  But alas, devs can't wrap their heads on what people really want out of this game as is apparently a big problem for them.  


It's simple respawn.


If you make 3  tracker slots then FFS give 3 current season trackers.  How hard is that to understand.  Get in touch with your user base please for crying out loud.

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Re: Season 2 badges???

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@DamnTheseVoices That's the problem though, the player base don't know what they want. I know most want a happy medium so, as you say, 3 trackers for season 2 is ideal but others don't want any trackers.

It's a case of you can't please everyone and have to disappoint someone. It's similar with the battlepass rewards and levelling. They changed it because people were complaining to suit them but now others are moaning .
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Re: Season 2 badges???

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I see it as If you are a random player or the champion, the Individual kill badges basically show what you, and the character you are using, are worth(useful) to your squad or how easy it will be to take you out if you are the champion. Total kills are a bit misleading cause maybe someone uses Wraith and only Wraith. So, if someone else in your squad chooses your "main" then you might feel a bit stupid 'cause you don't know how to adapt by using another character...


Agreed... it is what ppl want so why not give it to them


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