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Re: Scaling up ability's

by asukojo

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Scaling up ability's

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So I was thinking, would it be a good reward for players if one or more of their character ability's could scale up. So for instance, it lifeline revives teammates 3 times during the game, her drone heals say 10 percent faster? Or caustic, the more damage done by his traps, the more damage each trap does. Something to this effect. If each one is personalised to each legends intended playstyle it would be a nice reward for players and help them play more team effectively. No major buffs but just small rewards. What do you guys think? 

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Re: Scaling up ability's

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This would only work if you make them weaker at the start.

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Re: Scaling up ability's

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Similiar concept as PVZ GW2, called legendary meter, filling up by killing 4-5 enemies without dying, then get boost (speed boost, faster reload, more damage, faster shooting, etc) for 30 seconds.

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Re: Scaling up ability's

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@asukojo, ahhh good times. PvZ GW1/2. Killing noobs and streaking like heck XD. Then getting 2 enemy players trying to sandwich you and you throw a bomb (forgot the name, but as a peashooter) and kill them both XD.

Hopefully GW3 will be mentioned during this E3 cause they already confirmed that they're working on it (or a pvz game... can't remember which)
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Re: Scaling up ability's


@ajharris21I think your idea is really good. It could be used to encourage players to work together.

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