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S6 initial opinion + some other stuff

by Koochi-Q

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S6 initial opinion + some other stuff

★★★★★ Expert

I like the energy weapon meta XD So far I've only been killed by a devotion, havoc or volt XD. It feels great as you could say I am a 'revolting devotee' XD. That alone should net me some XP XD.


The lag is to be expected, happens every day 1, yet this is my first time experiencing it on launch day which is weird... I myself wasn't lagging... not noticeably at least, but you saw teammates and enemies rubberbanding and I think in all 5+ min matches 1 teammate D/C'd at least 1 time XD.


The new additions to the map are jampacked with action so yes! ACTION!


Volt is amazing... like so amazing that I know by the time I wake up I'll see at least 1 thread that wants to nerf it XD my word that weapon packs a punch harder than the hulk can on white bread.


No one left when Rampart was taken... just wow :P


I like the evo change ;D


Now lets get on to the complaining about teammates cause we all knew I was gonna do it and we all come to 'opinion' threads to read it. My gosh, teammates are still as clueless as ever. Had 2 lvl 500's in 2 different matches (think I actually 'played' 5 matches and started 8/9). They were either so lacking gamesense or were so bad that I can't even imagine how long it must've took them to get to 500. I can blame it on the time, but it's more fun not to (it's still 11am here so ppl just woke up to play or whatever). Last game... final 3 teams... I fended off 2 guys while zone was closing so they either had to stay put and get that sweet 20+ dmg per tick from storm or run into me and my teammate's bullet. They chose the first and my teammate lit them up (whatever life was left). I wanted to run cause the storm was approaching but waited for my teammate and as I turned to run I saw a wraith running towards me. She fired first but I got first hits in but my aim... if you would've seen it, you'd think I was a lvl 40 noob.... I make no excuses, it was terrible... it was almost as bad as @DarthValtrex 's aim XD my defense tho... tired, hungry, haven't played apex in well over a month and was playing the devotion... XD I still got her off her red evo and my teammate (lifeline lvl 500) was nearby. So lifeline 175hp, wraith below 100... lifeline shoots.. gets a couple shots in... looking pretty good. Tries to flank by going around some boxes... gets lit up and dies... I was just flabbergasted... 


Other teammate examples, one was 20 health, rushes into a 2 man team and dies instantly, one shot constantly but never hit poop... we engaged 5 teams and this guy has 175 dmg XD


So for now initial opinion, neutral ;D which is good


How were your 3-10 games and your opinion?

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Re: S6 initial opinion + some other stuff

@Koochi-Q Almsot as bad? Do we get a video of this? So that we can judge? I feel like we need to have an award ceremony at the end of the year to celebrate the worst plays we have done. Fairly confident I'm the front runner in this category but I take pride in it! It takes an amazing lack of talent to blow a win as horribly as I did..

Good news is, I'm doing the opposite of flexin.. Is there a term for that?! oh wait yeah, failing. Might have to order a fail army T-shirt incase I ever decide to stream.
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Re: S6 initial opinion + some other stuff

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@Koochi-Q Teammates insta leave, spam-pinging banner lords, etc. etc.
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Re: S6 initial opinion + some other stuff

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@DarthValtrex wrote:
@Koochi-QAlmsot as bad? Do we get a video of this?

Almsot xD epic. Unfortunately no video. As I said, tired so brain didnt didn register the epicness of it all until couple mins later 


You should def stream! 'join the flairlers' xD


@DreamStare07 so also the usual

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