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S4 Patch Notes Discussion thread

by EA_David

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S4 Patch Notes Discussion thread

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Greetings Legends!


Season 4 is here, with a new Battle Pass, a new Legend, a new Weapon, a Map Update and more!

You can view the full patch notes here.

For more details you can check out the Season 4 Map Update here, the Battle Pass contents here,and at Revenant's bio here

Let us know what you think below!

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Re: S4 Patch Notes Discussion thread

★★★★ Guide
@EA_David .........that was it for Legend balancing????????????????????????????????????? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
No Mirage buff????????
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Re: S4 Patch Notes Discussion thread

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@EA_David Cool update. Finally, L-Star is taken out of supply drops. Devotion in supply... Dang, never expected that. And also G7 moved to AR? Ok, interesting. Hemlock single fire rate increased. Lol, our new meta is here? Perhaps. R-99 nerfed yay. No balancing for lifeline and mirage? Sad. Anyway, update about to be finished. Imma just dive in.
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Re: S4 Patch Notes Discussion thread

★★★★ Pro

The crashing error is happening on console too.


game still hasn't updated  and no season 4, 20min after


Tick tock says the clock



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Re: S4 Patch Notes Discussion thread

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@NyGmen4Lif3 Looks good on pc. About to play. Hope you get it soon.
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Re: S4 Patch Notes Discussion thread

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@BaldWraithisH0t G7 was in the AR category in Titanfall, so I'm not too surprised on that one.
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Re: S4 Patch Notes Discussion thread

[ Edited ]
★★ Expert

Thoughts as I read:


Nothing for Map Update, Sentinel, Ranked, or Anniversary as I've yet to play. Will update when I get a chance with everything.


Loot: Interesting change, it makes sense for sniper rifles to have their own class of ammo since before hand you'd basically spam fire sniper rifles with reckless abandon because ammo was aplenty. It's nice to see a shift into learning distances and projectile velocities, but now I wonder if the sniper rifles will get a buff to damage to greater reward those who know how to use the weapons? We'll have to see.


Energy: Oh thank GOD you're giving more energy ammo. I hated hot-dropping and starting off with a Havoc, only to run out of ammo soon after. Hopefully this will make those runs where I use a Havoc for the whole match a little more forgiving. However with the removal of turbocharger, does the Havoc get automatic turbo functionality? I'll have to see. 




Ironsight Update: Ha! I KNEW my shots were supposed to hit the target. Now I can get back to poking enemies 400 meters out with my ironsighted R99. Thank you Apex.

G7: IMO, well deserved fire-rate nerf, it was a little too powerful. Interesting move into the AR category however, I am going to miss the 4-10x sight on it. 

L-STAR: Well now I can get downed by it at any stage of the game. I kinda like that. 

Devotion: Huge Devotion fan, and now it automatically comes with a turbocharger? Absolutely going to camp every single care package drop.

Havoc: Was there horizontal recoil to the Havoc? Can't remember. Can we get a better hip-fire for it sometime soon though? Edit: Pretty controllable, really nice and easy to use, but that initial charge up will still kill you if you're not careful in picking shots. 

R-99: Ah yes, the noob killer is getting a slight nerf because the newer players are complaining again. Thanks for the increased mag size though, 18 rounds made me nervous.

Wingman: A better early-game, and a more punishing late-game. I like it! 




Bloodhound: Wow that kit change is actually pretty good. I'm all for seeing Bloodhound in my lobbies again, haven't seen the poor boy since his kit broke. 


QoL: Holy God that ring change is HUGE. I have been silently praying for that since Season 1, and it's finally come true! Not a big fan of the Roller damage nerf. I know technically it's to ward off newer players but not punish them harshly, but one time I used it like a bomb and killed my teammate so I was kind of a big fan of how much damage it did. Granted it was an accident and I did apologize. 




Sentinel: Very good rifle, really nice damage, pretty decent fire-rate, nice critical hit multiplier. Odd gimmick of expending a shield battery for increased shield damage, but it's pretty cool. However IMO, if you're really trying to get the best bang for buck, skip the charge up, and aim for heads. Headshots do 130 damage to target dummies with and without charged shots, and it's always better to save a shield battery for when you need it, rather than using it to gain the charged buff and be forced to pop 4 shield cells when you take too much damage. 


Map: Lots of craggly bits, really liking the design. It still seems like most of the action is still concentrated around the same areas they used to but that's a pretty moot point. 


@Koochi-Q QoL is that when you're inside ring, when you get to the rim of the ring coming out, your screen no longer is tinted bright white until you exit the ring. It makes coming out of the ring into a fight much easier. 

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Re: S4 Patch Notes Discussion thread

★ Guide

Any changes to the ranked system? Anything to address the prevalent cheating that's going on throughout every rank tier including Predator/Diamond?

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Re: S4 Patch Notes Discussion thread

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@pastaclown Either it’s due to me being sick but I don’t see any ring changes in QoL. What is it?

Okay my thoughts: lolz like others I’m surprised but also not for lifeline & mirage. You can’t just do the DUMMIES big day (which we all basically ‘know’ (assume) is to test mirage’s new ult) a week prior and expect it a week later while also having to code other stuff. It’ll likely come later somewhere in S4.

LOLZ havoc without turbocharger but I see nothing in regards to not having slightly faster ramp up time :P they really want us to play it like a sniper tho with the amount of select fire chatter :P

Go prowler! Didn’t need it, but gonna love it.

Devotion in supply drops LOLZ guess we’ll be seeing madmen stuff now

So I can be bathing in blød longer now? My enemies will feel the torment of their fallen brethren.
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Re: S4 Patch Notes Discussion thread

[ Edited ]

Huge changes!

Revenant's kit looks pretty cool, cannot wait to try him out and slaughter some enemies.
His ultimate looks pretty cool and exiting how it feels in-game.
But it looks like he will be meta with Pathfinder for sure!

The SENTINEL is a really interesting weapon design because it can consume shield batteries.
I had a bad feeling about this one but I have to say I cannot wait to try it.
But it will make a unique sound so I guess it's also a 3rd party magnet Wink

I have fixed feelings about the sniper ammo chance.
These are nice changes to create a new feeling and nerf the snipers and I'm excited to see how this will affect my playstyle as I use snipers almost every single game.


F Turbocharger I will miss you my friend Frown
But I think it's a balanced move that they moved a fully kitted devotion in the Care Packages.
Not sure how the havoc will feel after this change but less recoil is always nice.
Will definitely try the new havoc and see how it feels in gunfights, it has been tweaked a lot last couple of months so hopefully, it's now in a good place.
The general balancing of the weapons looks good.

The bloodhound change is cool 5 seconds for every down is a lot of time but will not impact him that much I think but I'll take any buff as a  Bloodhound main.

Always nice to see a list of bug fixes and stability fixes are always appreciatedStandard smile

The Ranked Series 3 changes look great!
The lost forgiveness change a bit harsh but I can understand why this is implemented.
And the leaver times unchanged sounds good.

Nice to see an update for the instability crashes.
I will keep an eye out for any update on that. 

Edit after playing:

Map feels so much better and I love the changes they made to it. I had a few moments of lag but it's fine.
The sniper change is pretty cool and the sentinel is awesome, definitely my new favorite gun sorry longbow Embarrassed

The relevant definitely belongs in the Apex Games, he is pretty cool.
Definitely worth the hype.

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