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Rotary engine - idle « brap » sound

by NotoriousPoutine

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Rotary engine - idle « brap » sound

★★★★ Novice

Speaking on behalf of all rx7/rotary owners and fans, I think there are 2 fundamental things that characterizes a rotary sound:

1-the typical engine note that sounds like a barrel of angry bees (you NAILED it)

2-the brapbrapbrapbrap


Usually when tuning rotary, you’ll go for a street or bridgeport. Such customizations will lead in the typical brapbrap idle sound.


You could potentially tweak 1 of the exhaust sound notch, to include the typical idle of a tuned rotary.

With the amazing engine swap feature you build, i’d rotary swap everything.. but I need that brap to make things complete. 👍 

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