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Rose needs buff?

by 34975634954957

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Re: Rose needs buff?

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@JetBlackCat72 I enjoy the rose and can grab a zillion assists in pvp but limited kills. The kill shot with rose is lacking, once more; my sights will highlight on said target and using thistle missile will have 2-4 shots that appear to be direct hits but never register. I will say that I have seen this on multiple characters so I don’t want to say this is rose specific, I just notice it on her the most.
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Re: Rose needs buff?

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@GraveledStoopid How high have you got yours? Any particular upgrades you'd recommend?
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Re: Rose needs buff?

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@JetBlackCat72 Elite I believe, I was working on characters I don’t normally play. (Namely the new ones😉)

I want to use the homing but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. So now I am running thistle missile and maybe the time snare? I will check and report back later when I get on again. 🤙
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Re: Rose needs buff?

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@GraveledStoopid Thank you!! 😊
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Re: Rose needs buff?

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@GraveledStoopid  Thistle Missile and Time Snare both make Rose a viable choice. You can also pick Super Savior, revive key teammates like a Sunflower, and when you're in danger you can Arcane Enigma while also still reviving others. You will have the time to pull back and regroup with other teammates if necessary.


There are things that people don't get about Goatifying:

  • Goatify can remove overheals from zombies.
  • It can stop health regeneration. (needs confirmation)
  • You can spawn it from behind walls, but you have to be slightly a bit far and not hugging walls or objects when doing it. Otherwise, the goats will go upwards. (possible bug?) What that means is, you can Goatify more than half of the enemy team contesting on an objective while being behind walls.
  • [needs testing] It might pause enemy cooldowns while they're in Goat form. Nevermind, goatified targets still have their cooldowns ticking. I personally tested it with split screen with All-Stars. The cooldown didn't stop for the shields after converting him.
  • Goatality increases the duration from 7 seconds to 10 seconds. This is useful when stealing batteries from zombies. You can goatify pesky Engineers around the batteries for longer while your reliable amazing teammates get the batteries.

To some people, it's a silly ability that seems useless. But it actually has many benefits.


(everything mentioned above is based on the initial release, I'm not 100 % sure about this October patch.)


You can also contest on objectives while in Arcane Enigma. Makes her a good choice to hold off objectives while teammates arrive during overtimes and become part of the problem of "longer Overtime periods" lol.


Rose might not be the strongest DPS-wise, but she is very useful when playing around others.


I did some "personal experiments"... I was following a Chomper, speed boosting him when he swallows and revive him when he's down. I try to Jinx the targets he tries to chomp. It worked nicely but sadly, in this game... everyone wants to get kills on their own and no one wants to play around others. Also, sometimes you have to do everything on your own because most players in this game have their own personal vendetta going on.

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Re: Rose needs buff?

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@GammaX6 Thank you, your observations are always great!! 😊
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Re: Rose needs buff?

★ Pro

Great observations @GammaX6  as always. I largely agree as usual. The goatify is actually really good, even if the zombies scatter from it, you've set them back at least. Also, I made sure to play her last night and she does feel better for vanquishing targets than pre-patch, largely thanks to projectile speed I presume.


My only beef with Rose is the way so many shots just seem to go nowhere, as I stated earlier, her utility is quite good.

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Re: Rose needs buff?

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@Iron_Guard8 I've only really been in Ops today for challenges but I think too that she feels better than she did. The sprint speed also feels faster/smoother. Yet to try turf & have a way to go before I get the best upgrades, but fingers crossed I might actually get them one day now! Thanks everyone for advice!
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Re: Rose needs buff?

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@mistincat  The character model looks fine. Stop moaning. She does, however, need a buff in primary damage to be specific.

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Re: Rose needs buff?

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@mistincat  The character model looks fine. Stop moaning.

Yea, from the back! 





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