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Rose needs buff?

by 34975634954957

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Rose needs buff?

★★★★ Novice

Lots of things I love about the October update but was expecting more of a buff for Rose. I don't understand how Kernel Corn could be buffed but not Rose for example. I'm glad he was buffed but was already way stronger than Rose imo.


I find Rose practically useless, so never play her which is a shame as I love her character design.


Anybody get success with Rose, is it just me? 

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Re: Rose needs buff?

★★★★★ Novice

Agreed, I was playing a lot of the rando playlist and noticed how her shots never seemed to never land and thought the exact same thing..

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Re: Rose needs buff?

★ Pro

Rose indeed feels like she's just not working very well. The homing doesn't seem to work very well, or maybe it's her projectile speed or something. 


She needs some love for her attacks, her utility is handy, but she's lacking in offense despite a decent amount of damage per shot.

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Re: Rose needs buff?


I think Rose and Flower got the worst of the new shooter.


I can’t stand Chomper’s new role but at least he’s still manageable.  


Once you upgrade the beam, Flower is playable but Rose is pretty bad altogether.


I wish a Rose main would chime in with a tutorial, if they’ve had much luck in PvP (outside of TT, especially).

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Re: Rose needs buff?

★★★★ Guide
@spIash_damage Same. Basic rose was my 2nd favourite plant in GW2 & I've got practically nowhere with her in this. I'm despairing of figuring out the best way to use her. SOMEBODY HELP!!!! 🙏
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Re: Rose needs buff?

★★★ Apprentice

She needs cosmetic surgery too! WTH happened to her face? She sure fell out the ugly tree in this game!



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Re: Rose needs buff?

★ Pro

I'm honestly surprised that this hasn't been brought up more. Soldier and Corn really needed their buffs but Rose feels worse than they were pre-buff, I notice this more and more as I work on leveling her. 


There's a live stream today so I hope this is addressed then, if not the stream, then hopefully very soon.

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Re: Rose needs buff?

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@Iron_Guard8 I know. I think it's mainly because most of us have been working on a combination of our personal favourites & the new characters. I know that's true for me anyway. I think sunflower desperately needs love as well, but that's been discussed more. I've been reluctant to say anything about Rose because I'm still relatively low level & I know the upgrades may help when I eventually have them - I remember the roses being tricky in GW2 until you had the homing upgrade at elite, but at least you had the xp from the teleporters to help you level up. BFN rose is harder to rank up because it's both weaker than it was & has lost an xp-generating purpose. Engineer has also lost the teleporter, but . . . . ! 😖
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Re: Rose needs buff?

[ Edited ]
★ Pro

@JetBlackCat72  Sunflower at least has a large ammo clip and apparently got a hidden buff in the patch? People were posting she got an increase in top damage from 5 to 6. I've had a lot more luck with her than with Rose, that's for sure. Not saying she's fine, just more playable right now. Plus between self healing and the sun beam, she's not really bad and teammates love to be near healers so she gets more backup than Rose does.


Engineer is definitely in a better place than Rose. His turret can help even when it's not in the enemy's LoS as the aura can buff teammates, his attack is very solid and can bounce around, and the stun can last for a very long time. His only real downside is that his speed pad isn't a huge help in many situations.


I didn't play Rose all that much in GW2 unless we had that epic quest to get a 10 streak vanquish as getting 20+ streaks with her in TT was pretty easy. I also notice that I can have the reticle dead center on a zombie and still miss with her in BfN. That gets frustrating quickly.

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Re: Rose needs buff?

★★★★ Guide
@Iron_Guard8 Yes, I agree sunflower's more playable than rose, though still not perfect. Why a hidden buff though?? Will have to experiment later.
And yes, Rose was perfect for streaks if you knew where she was best placed, I'd comfortably get mid-30s or more (& I've seen people get 70+) for a streak unless opposite someone who was aware of my occasional more combative non-healing days! That's why I'm finding her so difficult, though, it's a big change in style of play to get used to!
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