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Roadrash outlaw biker game for ps4

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important suggestion 

Road rash (the real road rash jail break)

Let's please recapture the essence of this games racing and outlaw biker, 90s rock and roll , in your face attitude.


It's a very big shame this game has been 

Forgotten can you please do us from the 90's

A huge favor and get this available to us for ps4 and 5

Also in the new road raah

It would be the coolest to 

Be able to pick from a line up of bikes 

Like harley, Indian and a couple of others

Thank you for your consideration ..

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Re: Roadrash outlaw biker game for ps4

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I spent a lot of time playing Road Rash on the Sega Genesis all those years ago. I'd love to see a new game in the series!




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