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Road Map of post release content (Road map of LIES)


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Re: Road Map of post release content (Road map of LIES)

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@THEFREAK420 wrote:

Yeah right. Look at the roadmap again fanboy. It clearly says echoes of the past was supposed to be in MARCH. Its april. Recycled story missions, for a key for worthless cosmetics isn't new. Its trash, just like running the same 3 strongholds for trash drops with worthless 1% bonuses.  Thats why no one on my friends list even plays anymore, i have zero alliance bonus, they woke up and realized how bad the game is.

First off, “Echoes of Reality” was the name or theme for the content for March (I think...March is no longer displayed), just like “Stronger Together” is the name for May. “Stronger Together” is presumably a reflection of the fact that guilds are coming, but is not, itself, an event. The expected content is in the boxes below, just like the March content was for everyone to see.


Secondly, people asked for cosmetics and for the ability to do story missions again. Story mission replayability was not on their roadmap until players asked for it. So you may not like it, or the cosmetics in the chests, but none of that makes them liars.


Valid criticism is welcome. If you want to argue the game needs more content, I agree. I will agree. But your ranting and namecalling is ill-informed and counter-productive.

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Re: Road Map of post release content (Road map of LIES)

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Oh really? What "NEW" content was that? Havent seen any. Just legendary missions. Which are recycled story missions. Its NOT new. We've ALL already ran them. Just stfu fanboy. 

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Re: Road Map of post release content (Road map of LIES)

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This discussion went off topic and turned into a post of personal attacks. I'll be locking down this discussion now.


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