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Re: Ridiculous

by rockyboy1998

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Just got a 10 minute abandonment penalty for abandoning a ranked game before the game had even started when I was in a squad of one. Ridiculous. "Abandoning the game ruins it for your teammates" ... I didn't have any teammates.


So dumb that developers don't factor this in.

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Re: Ridiculous

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@OldAndKnackered I've seen this a few times on the forum, the solution is suicide at start instead of backing out, never experienced it myself but any time someone says about it that's the advice.
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Re: Ridiculous

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@OldAndKnackered This is annoying, it happened to me earlier apart from I didn't leave the game I did what @CAGOA34 said and just jumped off the map...
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Re: Ridiculous

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@OldAndKnackeredHot drop and let out a primal battle cry and enter the frey. I'd rather try to get some fast action and possible positive points even if solo.

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Re: Ridiculous

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@OldAndKnackered solo squad is creeping time challenge Large smile I refuse to lose points that way. 

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