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Re: Revive positioning

by TTZ_Dipsy

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Revive positioning

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Why do I have to mount someone to revive them?  If they are on the ground and I am laying down, why do I have to straddle and bend over them?  This is dumb as I am behind cover when I start the revive, but the act itself takes me out of it.

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Re: Revive positioning

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It makes sense for non medics to have to straddle the downed player only because they don't have as much (canon) medical training.


It would be nice for a Medic to be able to plunge that syringe from most angles and while prone but that might take away from the more tactical approach DICE was going for.


Until the dragging system they are working on is actually implimented, all we can do is pop smoke and hope for the best.

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