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Reviews Look Pretty Stale. Yikes!

by GuruChaz

Original Post

Re: Reviews Look Pretty Stale. Yikes!

@hks61r9un8iw wrote:

I could go on, but there is no point. Game is just not good.

I think the game is awesome, but it's down to personal taste what you enjoy.

Most of the things on that list are trivial or work in progress.


I suspect this game will have a very healthy audience that love it

as well as an audience that aren't interested.


That's fine.

I don't work for EA, but I adore BioWare's Mass Effect, Dragon Age & Anthem.
I can be found here on EA Answers HQ and on BSN forums:
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Re: Reviews Look Pretty Stale. Yikes!

★★★★ Novice

Anthem puts two things at odds.


1. The slow world building and the idea of taking your time talking to people


2. The neurotic hamster wheel of completing missions fast, getting loot, filling up meaningless bars, starting the next mission, getting it done fast, getting loot, filling up more bars, restart the loop....


The people who come for the hamster wheel will never be content. The feeling is utterly alien to them and the very reason the lootershooter gameplay exists in the way it does. Look no further than the competition. People are not sold on visuals, sound, story, or design. They are sold on the idea that they will grind something that takes 1000h to get and by doing that they prove something to somebody else. Complain about a $10 microtransaction? Sure. Reflect on the wisdom of dumping 200h into unlocking a new shade of metallic surface? Hell no. Playing with people that might slow them down a few minutes? Never. Welcome to online gaming 2019.


Anthem tries its best to be social and bring groups together by enforcing group play. All it achieves is show us how many people will turn any mission into a relentless race where each person tries to outdo the next by speeding it up. Many missions support the structure of the best horse dragging the rest along at a speed they can not match. But the very first stronghold makes it painfully apparent that these players are the first to quit when they run off into three directions getting collectibles to progress the mission, all dying in the process. Neurotic speedgrinders make bad teamplayers. It happened in Destiny, it happens in Anthem, it will happen in the Division 2. One can easily enjoy all these games at the same time, just not with this certain type of compulsive grinder. Let them declare any game a failure or dead that they want, as long as they are gone afterwards.


My rule of thumb, when all Twitch streamers and Youtubers are gone, your average random group member is a way better experience. You average Discord organized clan is also a way better experience.

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Re: Reviews Look Pretty Stale. Yikes!

★★★★★ Apprentice
Agreed. Anthem is a different experience, one that tries to deliver the exhilaration of intense gameplay along with the immersion of good storytelling. Separating the two was a brilliant design decision but it's not 100% complete, the rushers still have to visit Fort Tarsis occasionally.

And no, it's not "Fanboy BS", I'm no fanboy, I'm a card carrying hater ready to spew complaints at most of the trash on the market. But this one gets a big thumbs up from me.because I LIKE having the choice between rushing through content or taking my time and enjoying the story. Well done, Biorware.
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Re: Reviews Look Pretty Stale. Yikes!

[ Edited ]
★★★★★ Apprentice

@jefedemuchanina wrote:

The first end game mission you get is to do 100 public events 25 strong holds 25 contracts and 25 quickplay missions or strongholds. Thats just step 1 of 4 this game is nothing but grinding busy work bs itll be dead in 6 months

This is NOT what I want or, hopefully, the majority wants from this game.   That is just lazy, rushed quest design.     If that's how they are going to release this, they better not be surprised when they don't sell the numbers they expect.   People are tired of getting suckered by lazy companies who only care about revenue and not the customers or content/gameplay.

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Re: Reviews Look Pretty Stale. Yikes!

★★★★★ Apprentice

Although...I read the author's bio and seems like the typical Millennial tool who just blows through content...and has no friends.


Steven Messner 


Steven is PC Gamer's contributing editor and has a nose for sniffing out the interesting and unique stories being told every day in the PC community. He likes RPGs of the MMO persuasion but doesn't have friends so regular RPGs are good too.

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Re: Reviews Look Pretty Stale. Yikes!

★★★★ Novice

It's all taste and reviewers are usually way off with games and movies in terms of your own feeling, had you not read the reviews.


My main problem so far boiled down to two things: the legionaire tomb mission (the chest part mainly) and rushers in multiplayers. Sure there's the odd bug here and there, but I enjoy the conversations in the fort (which is beautiful) as well as the story that acompanies it. I guess some people were expecting something more like diablo in terms of story and such and a 1 square inch town where you only need to move your mouse a tiny bit to talk to the next quest giver. Personally, the more RPG elements they're gonna add, the happier I'd be. Having to walk a bit to a quest giver is part of that.


Seriously, what's up with people nowadays that they can't value anything that asks for their attention for more then 2 seconds?

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Re: Reviews Look Pretty Stale. Yikes!

★★★★★ Newbie
agreed, Im playing now with friends and we are having fun. We have a couple concerns, but nothing hindering the game.
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Re: Reviews Look Pretty Stale. Yikes!

★★★★ Novice

Fun is fun, but if it turns into busywork then there is a line one should be conscious about. Gamers are the only people who pay for their entertainment and then expect the game to make them work. Imagine a comedy special on Netflix starting with the homework assignment of you having to read a 300 page scientific study on South American wildlife, or else you will not find any of the jokes funny because you do not get the references. But that is how gamers are, you have to work for your fun, right?. Some players want blood sweat and tears to get their characters to a point where playing the game is actually fun and not an exercise in being annihilated by overpowering enemies left and right, And if you disagree, then you are a lower species. Sorry, from where I am standing, I am the one having more fun not getting too worked up and serious in my expectations about the game.


A gamer's review of Moby * is basically this: some fisherman too lazy to grind some gear, who did not even ran a meta build, and refused to learn how to play the game properly, wiped at the boss, big surprise. Serves him right, when he cannot even see that his team spend their money on microtransaction visual upgrades called tattoos instead of some high level gear.


I refuse to judge a Bioware game by that standard. Like all the games from Baldusr's Gate to Mass Effect, they have a beginning a middle and an end. If there is toxic and abusive game design, then I shall not engage. Nobody should. Have fun while it lasts.

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Re: Reviews Look Pretty Stale. Yikes!

[ Edited ]
★★★★ Novice

Well they made the same mistake many do. Add content without getting the basics done first.


It can be saved, the engine is fine and the gameplay itself is solid. Refactoring and improving code is now a pain in the * and costs 5 times more.

Next time, get rid of those expensive managers and let designers and devs decide what goes first. After release the team will get smaller, devs will have more weight in decision making and bugs will vanish one by one.


Get rid of obsolete meetings, babbling and talk about which color a button needs to have. I can see the same pattern across all EA games recently.

There is someone in charge whos a complete failure but calls the shots for all games.

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Re: Reviews Look Pretty Stale. Yikes!

★★★★ Novice

@frauzet wrote:

If I had listened to the critics I probably wouldn't have watched that many superhero movies.

Were the critics right? In most points. Were the movies still fun to watch? To me they were.


When I read that there weren't many story missions, I wonder what I have been doing the whole time.

There are story missions, there are contracts with a story to them. 

Of course, you only realize this when you don't skip every conversation.


That one big mission, that made you do the challlenges?

I was done with most of it after I did other missions, because they counted, too. Even the stronghold did.

I liked it, because I had to travel through much of the world, and I saw what weaknesses my playstyle has. 

Those were the three points still open I had to work on in freeplay.


I read people's complaints about being pulled towards their party.

Why don't they play in private mode? No pulling then, but of course, then you have to do stuff on your own, which might take you longer.

There is no pulling in freeplay at all.


I read posts from people complaining about the sprint speed in Fort Tarsis.

And I have seen that kind of posts in every other game I played.

Give me everything now, right away, without much effort, without running around and talking to people. And afterward, watch me complain about how boring everything is and how little content there is.


To me, this is a lot about personal playstyle. And obviously many people don't want to change theirs.


This so much. The people who say "there isnt much story" clearly havent done all the story content there is. The I want them to MAKE ME care about these characters people are either extremely apathetic or are skipping conversations. Ive enjoyed the story and contracts that I have done so far and look forward to doing the rest of them and I look forward to the expanding story that they are announcing. 

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