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Re: Retaliation of Garretus

by Valdek

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Retaliation of Garretus

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Hey all,


I have this weapon. It states that it increases weapon damage by 400% when suit health declines. Currently, I am not seeing the 'Gambler's Wrath' buff which should appear, and I'm definitely not seeing the damage bonus in my numbers. Anyone else noticed this not working?


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Re: Retaliation of Garretus

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I just goit this items the other day but have not used it yet. I am just about to complete the challenge for the "Close Encounter" Heavy Pistol. I will see if I can try out the "Retaliation of Garretus" tonight and see what happens....

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Re: Retaliation of Garretus

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i think perks in this game only work half the time. hover and take some shots and notice your buff only works 50% of the time. 

i think all the pistols are useless in this game to be honest, i guess the one that reloads on melee kill is ok for interceptor but it still does nowhere near the damage of a lower classed assault or LMG so why bother? same with the pistols. i have one that does 200% damage - but it takes off less damage than a MW average roll assault so whats the point?

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Re: Retaliation of Garretus

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I've done some more testing and I've seen the buff once... but it is definitely not happening each time my suit looses armor and the one time I saw it, it lasted for such a short time. My weapon is a legendary with +225% weapon damage, and if you include a 400% dmg buff it should in theory do a fair amount of damage.


In reality, it hits for peanuts.

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Re: Retaliation of Garretus

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yup. i wonder how many of these buffs even work. 


take the papa pump, sometimes it reloads on its own and you dont get the perk for the reload. i actually query how well all the perks in this game work. i bet half of them never do anything

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