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Re: Resurrection of Anthem

by lengy19

Original Post

Resurrection of Anthem

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This topic is for whoever is in charge to force the Devs to make this game awesome as it was expected.

Sorry for my gramma in advance.


Please stop that Cataclysm fiask, we already have the cataclysm with not finished game. Make the BASICS first, make the game playable! There are no players left, random stronghold -  "no matches found - please change the difficulty"... rly?




After reaching level 30, Exp is useless. Solution:

Add passive skill tree for the pilot, so exp can be spend on points to level up that skills, for example +% melee damage, +% additional ammo, +% armor etc



You earn points by playing specified javelin type, then you can buy passive skills for that javelin.



Currently we have only a few monsters to fight, it is so borring to kill the same ursix 1000 times. Solution:

You won't belive - add more monsters, including small and big neutral animals


Loot drama:

We all know that loot system is broken, everyone is sick of blue drops while all of your gear are masterwork or legendary. Solution:

Block lower tier items from the drop, your current tier = your drop most of the time (70%), 30% for the higher tier, 10% for the lower tier.


Legendary gear color:

To be honest, currently masterwork's color looks like it is more powerfull than legendary - yellow? really? Solution:

Make it Red. And to avoid complications with the gear repair icon - change repair for the green cross.



It's missing, everybody need this, period. This is multiplayer game for god's sake, single player games have no chat. And new gesture system is useless.

Why is this missing? Are you scared of all the hate from everybody about this game? Hate is already here, now it is time to fix it.



Very badly designed, everything is barely visible, it's very slow and take ages to open and close everytime when you want to find a party member. Solution:

- Add the minimap, compas and icons can stay, looks nice bot come on, add the minimap with zoom in/out options and nicely visible objects.

- add possibility to add marks/pings/target locations

- add a distance counter to the player under his nickname

- add a distance counters to the targets



Total random statistics in craft are just bad, Solution:

Make the items with half of the stats matching the gear type/damage/use and second half for the random statistics, values ofc would be random



So we have the masterwork or legendary javelin, what now? Grind for the better stats? No thank you, we have Diablo for that. Solution:

Make the gear upgradable, for example 3 stages, named I, II, III or +1, +2, +3 whatever. Each upgrade costs Coins and materials. Each upgrade increases gear level and statistics.


More Javelins:

You will say "it's easy to say but harder to make it happen" - No it is not. Take Ranger, change the stats, change textures and animations, TADAM, we have a brand new javelin, lets make it a Support/Healer. I could create a few new javelins in minutes, so bunch of devs can't?


Other quality of life changes:

1. Options to enable/disable:

- showing distance counters

- skipping statistics after mission

2. When you finish a challenge - there is no information of rewards you got.

3. At the end of the missions - Summary, with rewards, drops, damage done, etc, ofc with comparison with the party, expandable for more details

4. Right click menu on the player nickname:

- inspect

- add friend

- whisper

- mute

- vote kick

- report

5. On item summary we have to click on by one and salvage, it is so annoying especialy when you have reached loot limit after freeplay. Solution:

Additional options:

- select all

- unselect/select by clicking or using specified key

- salvage selected

- salvage all



Please don't let this game die.. It had so huge potential before the official launch and then the bugstorm and drama happened. If it is too much for you to handle, hire me.. I will make this game great as everybody was expecting.


Ps. I saw some PvP requests - yes it is great idea and we all want pvp in this game, but let them fix the basics first, don't add more things to fix.

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Re: Resurrection of Anthem

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Re: Resurrection of Anthem

[ Edited ]
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@WuChangYo wrote:


Ps. I saw some PvP requests - yes it is great idea and we all want pvp in this game, but let them fix the basics first, don't add more things to fix.

Not all of us want pvp, I see one person always bring it up. Kinda hope you weren't being serious about this.



By the way there is a salvage all unless they took it out( don't know why they would do that)

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Re: Resurrection of Anthem

★ Guide

PvP would suck. Period. And why bother changing the color of the loot tiers? It won’t fix anything

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Re: Resurrection of Anthem

★★★★ Novice

I just love the updates you mentioned. Wish we had them anytime close. Enjoyed reading really! 

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Re: Resurrection of Anthem

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Chat is actually in the game. You have to enable it in the accessibility settings I think. Hit Enter to use it.


As for PVP  - Hell To The No. Seriously, they can't get what they have right, PvP balancing would destroy this game even more if that's even possible at this point.



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Re: Resurrection of Anthem

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I said, that I saw some other people posts about pvp, and I said to fix the game first, then thinking about pvp Wink

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Re: Resurrection of Anthem

[ Edited ]

It was mostly just one specific person, who now seems to have left (fingers crossed). People have been bringing up PvP since before launch, and for every person wanting PvP there are at least five who don’t. The game is built around power combos that let you crowd control and obliterate droves of enemies while heavily outnumbered. It would not translate into fun PvP mechanics, unless they did something totally different like letting you play as regular infantry (similar to most Dominion and Outlaw ground troops). But that would be strange in the context of this game where you’re a Freelancer (i.e. basically a superhero).


It would be interesting to see PvP set in Anthem, but I don’t think it would work in this specific game.

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Re: Resurrection of Anthem

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@cake404 wrote:

It was mostly just one specific person, who now seems to have left (fingers crossed).<snip>

That is what we need, more people to leave the game. Way to go, fine upstanding example. *end sarcasm* 

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Re: Resurrection of Anthem


@TheRealNichivo wrote:


*end sarcasm* 

Something tells me to not believe this, at least not for long Wink

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