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Re: Reporting Scams in Hong Kong server

by EA_Atic

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Reporting Scams in Hong Kong server

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This happens in the Hong Kong server.  Around 1 in every 2 matches, I face opponents with auto-generated names, speaking some Mandarin while selling their what-so-ever products.  It is very annoying, as it plays non-stop.


Sometimes, they spam the chat with their 'sales pitch'.


After spamming the legends selection, they will then proceed and AFK for the rest of the game, which means I literally have wasted 5 minutes of my life as I have to find another game.


This creates a very unpleasant experience for us APEX gamers, and thus demotivating us from playing this game as we've been annoyed.  Please consider banning and punishing them.  Thank you.


The scams seem to have auto-generated names with the pattern:



[CM Edit: Removed link, please don't advertise for them Standard smile ]

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Re: Reporting Scams in Hong Kong server

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Why the heck is the link to scam evidence removed?  The link to scam evidence is considered a scam?

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Re: Reporting Scams in Hong Kong server

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I am from Asia and this is not a new news. They have been there 2 weeks after the release til now. Cheating, ad bots spamming - welcome to Asia multiplayer servers. They are just a pain and i agree that it demoralizes the legit players especially when they just pop in every game.


Regarding your latest comment of the forum moderator removing the link/pic/video, is because it is against the forum policy to show other people's name. 

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Re: Reporting Scams in Hong Kong server

Community Manager
Hey everyone, 
Linking and advertising the scam don't help anyone here on the forum, it's doing the advertising job for them. I Do understand that you want to tell us that this exists or warn other players, and I thank you for it. 
Where you can report that kind of content take a look here:


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