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Re: Reporting Cheaters

by Omen7407

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Reporting Cheaters

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Since my shoulder is recovering and I'm not touching ranked right now, I'm going to make this very simple way to know if someone is cheating. I've been spectating for a long time now in Apex. If any of you are interested, I'm going to create two useful scenarios for each category.


Please leave this open while you spectate if you'd like. I hope this does continue changing people's minds to not only spectate more and create their own lists to send into easy AC -, but I hope it reaches the minds of players that feel the need to launch a VPN / .exe before Apex and can start just enjoying their matches without the advantages.



Option 1. Toggling off/on - if a player starts shooting the air/building/floor around the target, then locks onto a target perfectly - red flag.

Option 2. Leaving Toggle on - if they are landing nearly every single body or headshot, they have left aimbot on, easiest to detect - red flag.

Even pros/big streamers have natural sway and miss shots all the time. 

Also no recoil or auto-clicking is another huge tell.

I just can't believe people are paying $30 a month for something to aim for them. That's twice my HBO.


Playing too safe:

1. If they are staring at walls for no reason and you can imagine targets/enemies being behind the wall in the distance, then they could be using wallhacks.

2. If they run up and third-party squads very easily with perfect timing or take someone out when they're low or not looking; anything like that- could easily be walls.


Easy-throw grenades:

If they throw perfect grenades, long distance at a target that you can't even see while you're spectating ... put two-and-two together. They're using a feature I've known about since early season 1 called easy-throw grenades- it literally throws it for them. So that's another key indicator, basically their play style altogether. Hope this helps.

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Re: Reporting Cheaters

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Hacks are free now, they were only ever sold when the game was first released. Well, they do have premium versions that you can pay for but most people aren't paying for it they typically use the free version. It's easy to find just like with any hack for any game. Which is why I always say they need a prime version of the game with a one time payment and registering a phone number as well. Because the hacks will never be stopped no matter what (I've coded and written endless scripts for many games) especially when I was younger lol now I'm an old man got family and what not. The anti-cheats are just complete trash and the only time hackers die off a little bit is when they do an update because a lot of code changes but it only takes like an hour TOPS before the hack is updated because it's easy to find the string of code in any program that allows alterations.


**Quick edit as well please make sure for anyone here that you make 100% sure the person you do report is cheating/hacking because if you send countless reports they have to manually go through them reviewing them. So the more there are the less likely the ACTUAL hackers will get a ban because of the sheer volume. They are adding an automated system soon but for now everything is manual.

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Re: Reporting Cheaters

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@VisualfEX Thanks for the experienced insight Thinking maybe you can assist them to find a proper solution!


None of it changes the fact that it's the most cowardly way to play any fps. I'm only shocked further that people are depreciating themselves by continuously playing this way with an, 'i dont care' attitude. Try to start caring, that's usually a good start. I beat cheaters sometimes but they still had the advantage, that's what makes it funny. If any of you started using hacks cause you 1. think you're not good enough or are 2. paranoid about how good you think your enemy is (think they're cheating) - Anyone can tell that preying on someone through a wall is mind-numbingly easy and not the answer. You've all played Apex enough to make really good predictions with sound and aim on your own ffs... idk maybe it's not the game for me after all, if the cheating keeps increasing.


"Hacks are free now, they were only ever sold when the game was first released." Have to doubt this though, why would they write and update scripts for free?

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Re: Reporting Cheaters

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Also no recoil scripts, macros, glow items...

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Re: Reporting Cheaters

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I've had it bookmarked since day 1



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Re: Reporting Cheaters

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unplayable on pc almost every game there is cheaters and it dont look like EA or respawn have any clue what to do about it

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Re: Reporting Cheaters

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Agree.  It’s obvious it’s infested.  If they could handle it, it would be under control.  After half a year it’s obvious they don’t have any control on it.  My guess is many legitimate players started using cheats after ranked came out and they realized it’s impossible to compete against the hackers.  I would not be surprised if there are more cheaters on pc then legitimate players at this point. 

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