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Renewed Courage :o

by PinkieNymph

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Renewed Courage :o

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I use this gun and I like it. I have 2 of it at Legendary grade but its both unable to use as weapon couz its lack damage amplify :c

so today since a game  keep give us a mat. and I have close 1200 MW ember . I craft 1 dozen of it. and emm . excuse me. is its cap at 120 % ? 


well . I hope my friend in forum will have better Renewed courage for show me :0 . I just wanna take a look 




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Re: Renewed Courage :o

★★ Guide
Max masterwork damage roll is 175%. 250% for Legendaries. I have a Soothing touch Legendary with 225% damage and a second damage roll at 125%. I also have a Ralner's Blaze with 4 damage rolls, but they're all in the 20% range. So it seems it's possible to get 4 high damage rolls
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Re: Renewed Courage :o

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the key is getting max damage 175 plus max can get both yea?


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Re: Renewed Courage :o

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I have a Legendary Renewed Courage with 200% dmg, it cuts Titans and Ursix's to ribbons, I use it as my secondary weapon, fun to use.

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