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Re: Remove these dailies

by Mxiter

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Re: Remove these dailies

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@cr41g1690They removed the specific location challenges. Kudos to Respawn, they acted quickly.

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Re: Remove these dailies

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@Neil_Enbob So thats why my challenges were being funny.

Honestly though this is great after a few days of BS, dont even think I got a single complaint now.
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Re: Remove these dailies

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My challenges are get 5 kills with an AR deal damage with light machines and get headshots, this is great can get back to playing.

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Re: Remove these dailies

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Kill a knocked person with a finisher move as mirage.


Sounds easy?

After 2 people left the game during my fininsher and i don't get the challenge credit for that!

I gave up.

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Re: Remove these dailies

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@SethCurry wrote:

Why would you make them a big part of the battle pass who is coming up with these ideas, going to specific locations, using specific legends, killing in specific locations WTF i could understand this if there was solo’s but there * isn’t..

We asked for challenges for a addition in the game.

We din't ask for the challenges to be the main cause of BP leveling.


They should have made the challenges to be a nice addition to this game.

But now they made them just as terrible as the dailies are in every other game.


They messed up big time.


Respawn should start hiring people that understand what makes a good game.

Seems to me they only have graphic designers that never played a compedative game in their lives.


Because the game and the teasers look and feel awsome.

The legends are amazing and the voices are verry good.

But the game content is just plain terrible.

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Re: Remove these dailies

Community Manager

Per Respawn:


Change to Location-Based Daily Challenges

  • For now we have removed location based Daily Challenges as we’ve seen them have a negative impact on the game. Players will still get 3 Daily Challenges.



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Re: Remove these dailies

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@EA_Blueberry Thanks for the info, launching up the game right now to go try it. I was legitimately scared i had wasted money on the battle pass at this point since im still really new and bad at the game those quests werent being done.
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Re: Remove these dailies

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Keep it up!


Putting yourself out of comfort zone is fun & challenging.

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Re: Remove these dailies

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I can't do challenges with 373ping  and 72% packet loss

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Re: Remove these dailies

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@xcr762 jesus wth happen with you internet? xD
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