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Remove Abandonment Penalty

by greygh05t

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Re: Remove Abandonment Penalty

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@greygh05t When i play with randoms im just gonna go do my own thing and camp it out until i get in top 3 then die in the storm seems these devs think playing with randoms is gonna work out efficiently.
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Re: Remove Abandonment Penalty

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So you want to remove a good feature that stops players from rage quitting all because you can't stick with your team? Sounds like they should have given you a longer ban to think about it. 


The ban is there to stop players like you from leaving the moment you go down. Its no ones fault but your own and you should learn from it. I've had teammates like you who go and die on their own, and sure we might be 1-2 named places apart but eventually ill go and get their banner if I know its safe or if i can run in and out fast. 


Not everyone is a run and gun kind of player. Watch your teammates and adjust to their style if you're solo. Otherwise, expect to die more often.

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Re: Remove Abandonment Penalty

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@iBlockHead Lets see how this new feature works out when you’re here complaining about how long it’s taking you to get into a match
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Re: Remove Abandonment Penalty

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@SethCurry are you saying a lot of users rage quit like you?
I've left games early only a few times and that's because I decided to land far away from my team to loot on my own.

Since the penalty for leaving early has been in place. I've seen a drop in people leaving the moment they get knocked.

Don't you hate it when teammates leave right away? leaving you in a 2v3 state or worse, 1v3.
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Re: Remove Abandonment Penalty

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How about no. There has to be a penalty so bad teammates (like you apparently are) that leave the game the second they are knocked will not do that. The penalty system that is in place makes the most sense. Just stop being so impatient, and be a team player.

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Re: Remove Abandonment Penalty

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@Mehoyminoyyyyy The problem is that 6 of 7 games you have autistic teammates that stand with fullhp and loot 1 box while you shooting 2 other guys 10 meters away from them and die.
And YES, i dont want to play with such * in team so i leave
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Re: Remove Abandonment Penalty


I think this particular issue is super polarising for people.


You have the people that are being left on on one side, who wish their team-mates gave them more patience before leaving. 


On the other side you have the people that don't always have faith in their team and don't believe that they should waste their time waiting to be respawned just to get killed again by a griefer.


I personally believe that you should give your team a chance but I also think that sometimes depending on the circumstances leaving is a valid option.


Punishing people will only make half of the community angry so I believe the best option is to reward people for staying in game with their team and giving people a chance to revive or respawn them. 


Question is : How do you reward people for staying in a way that doesn't make everyone want to play into that incentive? It would be annoying to have teammates dying on purpose.


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Re: Remove Abandonment Penalty

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I just started a thread about poor sports who quit as soon as they get knocked. It is a team game, if you want to play that way, find another game. I think the penalty should be way harsher than it is. Kids these days have no heart

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Re: Remove Abandonment Penalty

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@Cabowse The thing that instantly springs to mind is to make the Legend tokens actually worth having. If they were worth having there'd be an incentive to stick around in games for your xp. Currently when someone has levelled up and gotten their free apex packs, there's no further reward other than the gameplay itself : so if your team look like they're obviously not going to facilitate good gameplay, you've got no reason to stay.
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Re: Remove Abandonment Penalty

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@AnlbrdYour post gave me an idea...

screw teammates who suck. If you’ve been gaming for a while you can see the skill lvl of your teammate. If it’s not OVER 9000!!!! and you see how the enemy’s playing, why wait 90 secs.

I’ve seen, ‘you can be on your phone or do something else’. Screw that argument! If I’m in a game, I’m in a game.

My idea is, let the smart-quitters quit- BUT we can pay legend tokens to let the ban timer disappear. I don’t call it rage quitting if you’re perfectly calm but see that your teammates are not up to snuff. But this is the bestest idea ever for Apex Legends!

All hail my tired brain!

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