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Re: Regarding the New UTH

by BLVD69

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Regarding the New UTH


Man I have to say, after reading the newest Under the Hood, I am excited. The performance customization seems to be reworked and sounds awesome! There is only one tiny think I dont like and thats reinflatable tires but, that's not worth a mention. Over all, I cant wait.

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Re: Regarding the New UTH

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Overall I think it will be great. as for reinflating tires i do agree but it is probably ghost trying to balance the game a little bit because you are limited to 3 repairs a night and this way you won't have to waste a repair on the tires. IMO hardcore players should have the option to play without it completely. However if you good enough that you never hit the spikes well you never need to worry about it anyway.


Also like to point out that they mentioned that some parts would be best suited for certain engines/cars while on another car/engine it wouldn't perform as good. This is good news since this means we will have to experiment (probably will have live stats while selecting part) to get the handling and performance the way we want it.

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Re: Regarding the New UTH

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@anti-loser1You have a very valid point there. These cops seem a lot more hardcore than the ones from MW 05 and definitely from the last two games (the cops from 2015 and PB were utter garbage) so, there needs to be a balance. Also as you said, you're limited to 3 repairs a night. Its interesting that they added a little strategy to the game. I really can't wait to play this game. We have a little over a month and I'm getting more and more excited.

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Re: Regarding the New UTH

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I think the A.I cops are going to make us blink allot in this game. 

The heavy police state presence will be overwhelming for many players I feel.

Plus the fact we can now lose our ride if busted to many times based on heat levels. 

Spike strips are my Least concern in this game.

The police chopper and Xtra heavy rhino's will be a high concern.

Since games have become more A.I reactive to human player response it is harder to avoid the traps set by cops in the game. 

Take care and have a wonderful weekend. 😁

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