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Re: Refund nerfed guns / character skins ????

by skortchedblunt

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Re: Refund nerfed guns / character skins ????

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point is not if i have money to waste , i have enough to spend even more , but i will not spend any more until they fix the system , should be a temporary crafting material refund on any skins that get changed , nerfed or buffed , say like a 2 week window .  fort knight does it , hearthstone does it .  any way i like the game , but will not spend anymore money  on the game since i can get cheated out of crafting material at any time . 

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Re: Refund nerfed guns / character skins ????

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yes i paid for pixels of gun skins that i really enjoyed using , and after i paid a few days later they changed both guns to the point that i dont like using them any more , if i would have known earlier that these guns would get nerfed i would have chosen another gun skin that i enjoy using .     feel cheated out of my crafting material, thats all 

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Re: Refund nerfed guns / character skins ????

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@skortchedblunt Seriously... when I read the title I was like 'wth does this person mean' and when I read your actual post I was like 'LOLZ wait wha?'

You really want your money back cause you paid for pixel material that was still the same after they decided to change the code for the function of an object on which your pixel texture was on? You paid for a skin, not for the gun to stay the same. It's a shooter. You should know that in shooters things get buffed or nerfed. There's always a chance that this can get done to 'your weapon'.

It's like saying that if the mozambique gets a buff you'd buy a skin for that or that the mozambique legendary that you got which at first you hated, you'll love then xD. You should really just play the way you wanna play and don't let public opinion (cause that's basically what this amounts to) dictate which guns you gonna use. If you can't do that, either don't spend money on cosmetics or use that money on character skins... which can also get nerfed or buffed XD

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Re: Refund nerfed guns / character skins ????


@skortchedbluntI think your suggestion is quite interesting. If a policy of giving in game credit to allow players to repurchase skins was not acceptable, then perhaps there could be either universal skins at each tier or the chance to use a token to turn a skin into a universal skin.

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