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Recording victories...

by ISDExecutor

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Recording victories...

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For eternity.


And just now I experienced a new thing, to me at least. Just as the Tyrant fell over to die, the screen went into digital confetti and dropped me. 


I absolutely love this game. The idea of it. The potential it has. But my God I've never seen a gaming company work so hard to get me to dislike their game. Most companies would have a patch for the patch the following day. Hell, it used to be a World of Warcraft joke after every patch to have a patch for the patch. 


We get silence here. I'd hate to see this game go away, but I fear that's where it's headed if we don't start to see an actual forward momentum in just getting what we currently have fixed. 


And that's my rant for the day.

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Re: Recording victories...

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You're not alone in this issue....I'm having tons of issues
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