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Re: Reconnect

by Sir_Named

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Why isn’t there an option to join or decline? 


Just throws you back into the match to get killed.

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Re: Reconnect

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@ILikeGlueHmm Why do you want a decline function? However, I do feel there should be a time limit maybe, to compensate for the fact that you are vulnerable for the entire duration of disconnect.
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Re: Reconnect

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I’m glad it’s available though. I was with a friend, scanned into one of the new hatches, immediately crashed. Was able to get back, and I didn’t even die.

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Re: Reconnect

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@ILikeGlueHmm you have a valid point.


@DreamStare07 there is a time limit. 


From patch notes:


"Players that leave a match unexpectedly can now rejoin their match in progress.

To reconnect, simply restart the game and enter the lobby.

The game will automatically attempt to reconnect you if the match is still valid, your squad is still alive, and your chance to reconnect hasn't timed out."


"can now rejoin" meant to me that it was going to be optional, but then "automatically" was mentioned.


I've had a few gnut kick outs and had to restart the game, which takes time and then forced to rejoin and find myself on the ground somewhere on the map, possibly in a hot drop, and now in a serious panic, having being unable to do a bit of a plan. If the rejoining takes too long imo, I would prefer to have an option not to be cannon fodder.


But I apreciate it is an attempt to prevent unsavory actions by some players and it dosnt happen that often to me so I'll put up with it untill a better solution is found.



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