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Recent Adventure Features, and Some Suggestions

by stilesak

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Recent Adventure Features, and Some Suggestions

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-This is a request for the administrators of the spore servers that remain if they happen to see this-

Hello there, I'd like to start this off by saying, we the community are grateful. Thank you for the work you've done with all the features over the years! Even just today as I'm writing this I see you guys have featured a Halloween themed adventure, and it's awesome that you all are still going at it!

However, I'd like to point out that these adventures that have been recently featured are pretty old, 2009-2010 in fact. I feel that the community could really benefit from some featured adventures from this year, creators have really refined the craft over this long timespan and it would be amazing to see some of these talented creators get the recognition that they deserve! 

So, what would be the point of me just asking to feature some recent good adventures if I didn't come with any examples? Well that's exactly what I have done! With the help of multiple awesome people I've created a list of the 3 adventures that would most be deserving of a feature.

1) Become What They See by Derezzed -
This is by far the best adventure that has ever been uploaded to the sporepedia. That is saying a lot as well, the environments in this absolute masterpiece are stunning, the story is magnificent and the gameplay is super fun. Out of all of these here this is definitely the one that you'd want.

2) Aquatic Stage 2019 -
This adventure is a massive community project built by DETV. It's a very good adventure with many very cool props built by the community!

3) Corrosive by Metalblaze -
This adventure is fairly good all around, and has a very neat set of environments and story. Very solid adventure worth checking out

If you happen to have the ability to feature creations, I hope you all take these into consideration. It would be incredible if you guys would be willing to add these ^_^

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