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Re: Reached lvl 500. No shards.

by ILostT0Loba

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Reached lvl 500. No shards.

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Thanks devs. Appreciate it. You know with all the money you guys make. And you want me to empty my wallet for a stupid Melee skin that is achievable.


But you know you guys want to make it damn near impossible to get it for free. Boy you're marketing strats are stupid af. You love pissing off you're players. Thanks again!


You can take ur lil shards and scam the poor kids that beg their parents to throw money at you. Not me.

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Re: Reached lvl 500. No shards.

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@Synthzi Don't blame the devs blame the suits. Suits want to make as much money as possible and don't care about consumers. And With EA they really don't care
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Re: Reached lvl 500. No shards.

@Synthzi Did you expect a free to play game to give you shards for free at level 500?
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Re: Reached lvl 500. No shards.

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@Synthzi I don't think you understand the game or content. You don't get a Heirloom for free at level 500. You are guaranteed a heirloom if you open 500 apex packs. Reaching level 500 will give you 199 apex packs for free.

The game is entirely free to play. The cosmetics offer 0 benefit and do nothing to help you win matches. EA then gives you $199 worth of free apex packs for simply playing the game. You can also get other premium content for free by completing event challenges and quests.

I think EA is fairly generous with the free loot they give us. You can get some legendary skins that are exclusive and rare without spending a penny. You can get a ton of great cosmetics and look like a legit fan/spender in game without spending a dime. It's rare but some people do get heirlooms for free from the free apex packs they receive..

I have 0 issue with heirlooms costing what they do or the system. 

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Re: Reached lvl 500. No shards.

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@SynthziYou aren't owed a free heirloom just for playing the game. Unless you are lucky.

That being said Heirloom system is designed to milk as much money as possible. It's tied to gambling packs, and then tied to 'spend $170 to get it for free' system which is anti-consumer and predatory. And then you will see these people with sheep mentality defend the system saying
1. ItS sUpPoSeD tO bE rArE
2. ItS fReE tO pLaY 🤡🤡

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