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Re-Roll instead of crafting?

by xXLordNevikXx

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Re-Roll instead of crafting?

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currently at 788 storm and have only crafted maybe 5 mw divine vengeance.. I never found the point in crafting the gear when you have to have it first. Maybe we can entertain the reroll option for mw AND hoping legendaries. end game or semi endgame (if you dont count the luck gear I have to have on) supersedes any mw since legendaries still give you more damage and waaayyy more survivability. 


A ReRoll would keep your "economy" from over inflating.  Too many embers and nothing useful to spend them on creates all kinds of garbage later on. I would be down using masterwork embers to reroll legendaries or make consumables. maybe use them to create keys to unlock the new chests or something entirely new. 

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