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Rare Spore Space Gamemode

by Geckoking345

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Rare Spore Space Gamemode

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Ok I have been trying to find someone else who has had this happen to them. I had this very weird but fun spore space game mode. At first everything seems fine, but as you get past the beginner missions, something strange happens. I place my first colony and its a grey colored colony that is an ENTIRELY different species. My own race actually had a ally bar, meaning they could actually declare war on me if they got mad at me, and they did. It was like I was the hero of the universe and my race was some mastermind of evil and I was the one trying to keep peace and stop my race. I cant find anything on the internet or spore wiki. If someone could help me find a way to activate this again It would be greatly appreciated. It was so fun and different from the normal spore space stage and I'm afraid I'm the only one who has ever had this occur. NOTES: I have no DLC, no MODS, and have not manipulated the game in ANY WAY. Please someone let me know.

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Re: Rare Spore Space Gamemode

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Strange, I've got many games at the Space stage and this has never happened to me. However- this may be something with Core Spore, I have both Galactic Adventures and Creepy & Cute... I wonder if anyone else had this happen, and if so, we should try to see HOW rare this is. I don't think it's intentional, I don't know what the game was doing, all I know is that this needs to be looked into.

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