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by apostolateofDOOM

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I'm only playing ranked solo as casual matches so they don't leave with no real intention of climbing but I really shouldn't be getting these kind of players in diamond.


Game 1 - A player drops solo and cannonballs out the map. (I get you'll still get trolls in any ranked so we can disregard this one, kinda)


Game 2 -  Gold 3 Caustic drops solo other side of the map, doesn't even pick up a weapon and locks himself into a house to camp points.  Dies within minutes.


Game 3 -  Only 3 squads remaining and another gold something swaps a purple (YES, A GOD DAMN FULLY CHARGED PURPLE!!!) for a white evo! I tell him he won't get chance to farm damage and he'll just die but he keeps arguing until, yep you guessed it, gets instantly wiped.


Edit: Yes i can make a premade if i want to climb but it has never been this bad in previous seasons and I assume i'll have to wait till D3 for the change to kick in.


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Re: Ranked

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@apostolateofDOOM Honestly I hate gold campers in this game. That's why I try my hardest to get to platinum so atleast people need to play the game to gain points(but after 1 - 2 kills they can just camp).
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Re: Ranked

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@Daze623 Golds are generally appalling and I agree they mostly hide and have no clue what to do when it goes down. Plat matches are such a pick and mix and so inconsistent that you get everything from campers that have got that far to preds that have dropped from previous series.

Diamond was always that sweet spot where you could solo and have a reasonable, to varying degrees, team and not a sweat fest is you weren't trying to climb excluding the hyper aggro teams you're bound to encounter.

To update my original post I had a D3 and D2 in my team and that put us into top lobbies again, like last season, so D4 is still in plats basically.
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Re: Ranked

I'm surprised you made it to Diamond Solo... I can't even reach Platinum 3 😅
When i had a good squad in Ranked Series 2 i made it to Diamond.
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Re: Ranked

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@SpyrosKap_GT I don't know what your playstyle is but I play ranked just like normal games. I'm quite aggressive and always searching for the next team with CQC weapons (never pick up snipers unless it's the only thing on drop, except a Kraber) try to get an advantageous position before engaging and focus fire wherever possible with preferably 2 escape routes in preparation for when the 3rd party rolls up from. If someone is shooting a team mate then he's not shooting you so that's the best time to engage even on low health/armour, depending on circumstances.


Protect them like decoys that are an extension of you.


Don't think of gaining RP as that will come naturally from your kills unless you have 4-5 kills and 10 squads are left then you can just chill for a bit.


My thoughts on climbing through Diamond is a bit different and i considered making a guide about but it would be quite extensive and I honestly can't be bothered as there is enough material by better players you can check up on.

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