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Ranked points for knockdowns

by X_jab12_x

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Ranked points for knockdowns

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Cant tell you how annoying it is to play with players that hide and cost you RP points because they refuse to help. Multiple games I've played and knocked 2 out of 3 people just to get knocked and their team mate revive them while mine still hide in their building. There are to many people that just camp for placement still while never helping their team mates. I'm in diamond and people still do this. People run away from fighting squads instead of trying to get kills. Rank system needs a huge overhaul from MM to scoring to overall gameplay 





First game after post I'm stuck with an AFK who gets DCed but no loss forgiveness is given. Knocked 1 guy while my only other team mate ran in never shooting their gun. This is just a sad joke of a game right now

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Re: Ranked points for knockdowns

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@X_jab12_x That is the problem when playing with randoms in ranked. Try making looking for groups and putting together a team for ranked. there is never a shortage of players who would prefer to play on a pre-made squad for ranked.

Premade squad with like minded players can make all the difference in the world. I agree it's super frustrating when you knock 2 or 3 people and your squad is no where to be found.. Only for you to get killed by the third person or a third party and lose out on the RP from the knocks you achieved.

I've been getting into the habit of keeping arc stars on me and arc staring everyone I down. I know you can't always do it, but it's definitely a good habit to get into.
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Re: Ranked points for knockdowns

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You'll never be able to solve the issue of horrible teammates, but I agree, you should get 5 RP (scaling with placement just like the kill multiplier) per knockdown. I also think if you knock/kill an entire squad by yourself you should get an additional 10 RP on top of the kill multiplier.

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Re: Ranked points for knockdowns

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Honestly the ranked system reward is trash. Im in Diamond and the 48 RP is killing me.


Also, community keeps asking for solo and/or duos perminent.

Answer : Apex legends is a team base game and legends have to work together.


FINE. BUT AT LEAST AWARD PEOPLE FOR TEAMPLAY. At this moment theres only 2 things that have rewards : killing and survive)

I am not the biggest fragger, but i consider myself an good teamplayer (i want to be rewarded for that, not just killing)




Team mate gets knocked down. I help my team mate and knock down the enemy.

There 2 things i can do:

- Revive team mate

- Kill the knocked down enemy


My decision based on teamplay, i go for the revive! ( enemy crawls away and gets revived aswell )

And we are back where we started....but no REWARDS for beeing a TEAMPLAYER.


Solution for rewards: I had to leave my teammate and go thirst for the kill (only way too receive RP) This removes teamplay!!


- Should have received RP for helping team and knockdown an enemy

- Should have received RP for reviving teammate.


Teamplay should be rewarded:

- RP for knockdowns (2 RP , max 10 RP per game)

- RP for revive teammate (5 RP once per game )

- RP for respawn teammate (10 RP , once per game)


This will also reduce the thirsting on knockdown players(wich is realy annoying!)

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Re: Ranked points for knockdowns

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@eightys1x I agree mostly with what you’re saying BUT if you get points for ‘added’ knockdown, you get points for knockdown and for assists/kills. That’ll be too much I think
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Re: Ranked points for knockdowns

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@Koochi-QA better way to do it is by giving half of the points for the knockdown, and then when they die you give the other half of the points. Made a post about ranked improvements - I'll put a link in when I find it again


Here it is - 

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Re: Ranked points for knockdowns

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@CrazyPlays54 I see what you’re saying but does knocking have a cap. Cause I can imagine ppl knocking 2, act as if they run away, let revive get in and knock again...
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