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Ranked matchmaking useless

by X_jab12_x

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Ranked matchmaking useless

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I should bot be teamed up with a bronze 4 when I'm in diamond. What's the point in playing ranked when you matchmaking takes a few mins and you get the same team as you would playing non ranked?

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Re: Ranked matchmaking useless

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@EA_Blueberry I was in Silver rank and got 2  Predator as Champion.


I think there's serious bug in rank match making when waiting time is long, it take whatever player available, no matter what is their rank. Literally it's like normal mode.


It's bad for gutter tier since they got wrecked, it's good for high tier since they have easy peasy time with gutter tier and rank up faster & easier.


But what is the point of rank if we don't get the separation ??

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Re: Ranked matchmaking useless

I just lost about 1K rating if not more in only 2 days because super super super bad players are somehow polluting the player pool in Platinum.


I had one today who streamed on twitch, and I caught this orbiter redhanded and made a post on the official reddit that it's seriously problematic that bad players cannot demote back down to Gold/Silver leagues.


I was Season 2 Diamond btw, and i'm being bogged down by players who are perpetually sitting at baseline Platinum IV, and never climb, yet keep queing anyway, ruining the rating of better players.


I made a post on reddit with the clip.


Bad players need to be kept out of Platinum.

He was intentionally hiding while I clapped a full squad completely solo, and once it was safe, he ran over to loot all the good stuff from the boxes while I healed up and revived an equally useless bloodhound.


What's not seen in the clip is that after it ends, he swaps his charge rifle for the 301 in the box and actually steals the purple magazine and gold barrel.


Meanwhile, I was using a flatline with no attachments at all, along with a G7 scout with a sniper stock, no barrel, no extended light.

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Re: Ranked matchmaking useless

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@WingmannedbroYou will get a rank that separates good and bad players even if you de rank them and while I agree it's annoying with awful team mates, having that safety net was necessary to climb through diamond because, as you know, it's a whole different ball game.

Keep pushing till diamond then you'll have people that can at least do something right. Might not be in your favour but that's a seperate discussion. :P

Glad I haven't touched ranked this season as it sounds like it's having a fair few problems.

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Re: Ranked matchmaking useless

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Being a bad player is one thing (bloodhound was) but at least he went in and was actually fighting.


But purposefully hiding like a rat, and then peeking out the building to see if it's safe once he hears you solo'd that whole squad only to steal all the good loot from the boxes to sabotage your game is something else.


That guy has been sitting at baseline Plat IV since forever (you can see in his VOD) and is just casually going around ruining people's games, and costing others rating, yet just keeps queing for no good reason.


At mid rank at least something can be expected from the players there.


This should legit be stuck in Bronze, and have his account flagged as not eligible to play ranked.

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Re: Ranked matchmaking useless

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@Wingmannedbro I figured people stopped playing ranked once they hit their ceiling! I mean, I play solo so I stopped at Plat IV which is what I was happy with considering I don;t have a lot of time to play and I don't have a squad to run with.

There really is no reason this guy should play ranked anymore.
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Re: Ranked matchmaking useless

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i encounter this type of problem everytime i play and i've also wrote about this earlier in the season  on this forum but i didn't get any response.  Lots of players play ranked( i'm currently stuck in Plat II/III )with their friends who maybe just started to play the game and of course are in bronze. I think that they should not be allowed to do that. If you want to play ranked, every player in your party has to be the same rank as you. I'm not a pro or a very high skilled player but tbh sometimes i get really bad players in my squad that clearly don't know how to play ranked in higher tiers, where team play is very important.

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Re: Ranked matchmaking useless

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@asukojo There is away that people can abuse the queue timer and land into lower ranks intentionally. It involves the lower rank person getting the queue going before the Predators join. They have to time the invite right but if it is sent correctly they will end up in Bronze or Silver.

I don't really mind a whole lot if I get teamed up with people who with in 1 rank of me. Prime example if a Silver 1 gets into Gold I don't think it's a huge issue. They are already almost in gold to begin with.

Now I can see an issue if you two silvers land in platinum or diamond. But even still if I was in that position I would try to make the best of it. Just run and hide, try and third party. Hope to snag a few kills and make it to the top 3-5 by camping.

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