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Ranked is dumb and I called it

by Imterriblehelpme

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Ranked is dumb and I called it

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I mentioned back during your Pathfinder thread months ago already that if this game ever gets ranked, it'll be filled with camping Pathfinders sitting in absolutely absurd locations that should never be reachable because nobody else can.


And guess what. It's exactly that.


You idiots should pay me for this kind of information and instead you don't even heed my free advice. Here's another tip: make 90% of the highground mountains inaccessible. You're welcome.

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Re: Ranked is dumb and I called it

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Are we playing different games?

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Re: Ranked is dumb and I called it

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Hes playing 'Apex Legends Ranked'. What game are you playing?


Edit: To be fair you won't get past plat by camping

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Re: Ranked is dumb and I called it

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@Imterriblehelpme Haven’t seen this so far... weird. Most places I see ppl are random corners or dark allyways
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Re: Ranked is dumb and I called it

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Am platinum and did not notice a single pathfinder camping on top of a mountain that being said I did win a few games where the 2nd place team was killed by storm so may have been the people you are talking about 


but other than that I had same experience as @Koochi-Q 

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Re: Ranked is dumb and I called it

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@neillkorey Lucky guy! So far I’ve had to put in hard work getting wins xD. I did however get close to winning due to the 3rd/4th or 5th squad getting stormwiped.
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Re: Ranked is dumb and I called it

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@Koochi-QThe high ground bones in skull town and huge rocks only pathfinder can get onto without any trouble, was chasing one and he zipped himself up there to heal and the only way you can get up there is on jump towers. Completely stupid having 1 legend able to get to high grounds with no consequence and effortlessly.

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Re: Ranked is dumb and I called it

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@SethCurry No consequence? Like having no other ability? That is the consequence. It's like saying Wraith has an invulnerability button with no consequence and she can portal her entire team out of trouble without consequence. How could it be any other way?

You can climb onto the bones/walls around Skulltown - just not as quickly as a Pathfinder. In order for Pathfinder to get somewhere to escape to heal up - he has to abandon his team to a 3v2. The vast majority of teams ALSO have a Pathfinder as well, and so can get up after the weakened Pathfinder.

It's just not true to say that he is OP. It's like me saying that Wraith is OP because she can go invulnerable in somewhere like Skulltown where she can buy herself time to get around corners inside buildings ahead of me and my Pathfinder grapple is next to useless at keeping up with her because there's no open ground.

Each legend is better than some of the others in specific situations.

My grapple isn't a win button vs caustic and wattson inside bunker or a final circle full of buildings.
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Re: Ranked is dumb and I called it

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@Anlbrd In fairness, you can see Wraith in both of her abilities. You can trace her as she Phases, and you can see where she is placing her portal.


I have to admit, Pathfinders abilities are a little OP. Super fast grapple, skinny frame and a crazy good Ult. Something needs to be done with his cooldowns being longer, or his range of Ult being lowered. He is the standout legend by quite a margin imo. I still see him picked in nearly every single game I play. The others are nowhere near as popular.


To the OP, I've had very varied ranked games. Some slow, some super aggressive. All been great fun though. If it's making you that frustrated, stop playing for a bit.


I play ranked how I want. I want to do well, but won't just slow play for a high finish. Sometimes I drop for kills, sometimes I feel I want to play slower, but the key thing is, I play how I want and let the game decide my rank. I'm not "tryharding" for any rank because, I may not be good enough. If I slow play to clime the ranks, my gunplay won't hold up against really good players, and I'll have no fun at all. I'll just let it play out, and the matchmaking will sort out the rest.


People are far to hung up on rank, must level up as fast as possible, then complain about gameplay. Just play and eventually you will get matched with similar skilled players.



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Re: Ranked is dumb and I called it


I find ranked a bit easier because teams are less eager to engage and risk their RP.


I honestly haven't had that much of an issue with campers, or Pathfinders hiding away to be honest.

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