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Ranger Ultimate

by Vandel1989

Original Post

Ranger Ultimate

★★★★ Novice

so while i was playing the vip demo i was playing the ranger and the colossus as my two picks and one thing that i noticed right off the bat was that the ultimate charge for them were way different and i mean i timed it on the boss fight in the stronghold and world events the same one mind you. and the colossus got his ultimate about three times as fast maybe a little under that time frame then the ranger. also the colossus being the one tank class having a shield and taunt in the game and being able to take hits no other javelin can the colossus abilities also hit almost twice as hard as the rangers and the cooldown for the colossus abilities were only 3secs and sometimes less then that of the rangers so all in all the ranger needs major buffs to be viable also i got to play the storm and interceptor both their ultimate where on par as of charge time as the colossus and the abilities were the same as well strong felt great cooldown as good so i wanted to play all to see the different plays styles and all and i have to stay the ranger is stale and the other three are great so i hope the balance in the real game is better and they see this not sure if they did this to push people away from a class because of the hype from the live stream but balance is bad also the grenades need to have a bigger blast radius for damage the lighting storm and ice storm are bigger and the mini mortar even the acid bomb is bigger so all of the balance issues i have mention play a roll in getting the ultimate back bc the more you aoe things because to more kills and hits you get help get your ultimate charge and with the combo of the ranger only being single target which is fine just needs to fill ultimate charge more to be on par with others and also the single target combo from the ranger needs to be way higher i mean colossus combo does massive amounts of damage the storm does massive amounts of damge or cc and the same for the interceptor as well just think as a person standing outside looking in the colossus,storm, and interceptor look like Bugattis and the ranger is a Prius please read this and up vote so the devs read this and comment and yes i know this is just a demo i just want myself and all others to be confident that the devs have balanced the game for release!!!!  

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Re: Ranger Ultimate

★★★★ Guide

wall-o-text without punctuation...sorry, I couldn't read that. I'm sure you have good points but my eyes go cross-eyed trying to read that.


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