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Ranger Rework needed?

by Emetaphobia

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Ranger Rework needed?

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So I've been playing Ranger and I have noticed that Javlin is bad. His components and skills are just terrible they don't mash together like the other javlins. Storm does everything he does but better and Intercepter is just better at the melee thing by far too. I think the ranger needs a rework, maybe as a weapon specialist that does extra weapon damage. Like on one of his components Ranger gets 25% more weapon damage.Maybe Ranger should focus more on Weapon Bonuses that would help instead of the bad melee thing that doesn't work.  And for his Abilities they are also just tacked on and don't go together well. You're pretty much forced to run Acid darts and Frag because all the other masterwork skills have terrible bonuses that just don't work. In my opinion I think frag grenade bonus should go to a bigger AOE ability like the frost grenade or incendiary grenade. The 700% to Ultimate charge is awesome it's just on the one ability that has crap spread to hit multiple targets unless they are on top of each other. The other bonuses on the rest of the abilities are not worth talking about because they are completely useless. The Rangers ultimate is also pretty bad what is it's purpose? Storms ultimate is hard CC and great damage in a area, Colossus Ultimate is awesome single target damage, Intercepter is invincible and can revive freely without worry or do heavy melee damage to a target. Then the ranger has multi seeking missles that do literally no damage. This is just my opinion but can I get some feed back on if I'm missing something or is the Ranger a mess right now? 

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