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Re: Ranger Melee Combo Adjustment.

by IFoxxian

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Ranger Melee Combo Adjustment.

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Just wanted to start by saying I thoroughly enjoyed my time during the demo this weekend but still found some things that didn't really seem to fit. The ranger combo potential seems to run backwards in my opinion. Starting off with the melee seems weird when it is followed up with grenade and then a missile to face. I think it would fit better to start w/ the grenade followed by the missile and finish w/ the melee. This is how I was naturally playing the ranger at first until I started to get a hang of the combo combat. It just seems weird that I have a seeking missile that I constantly use with the barrel down the enemy's throat instead of rushing forward to finish w/ a melee. Imagine hovering in the air throwing your grenade followed by a missile and then finish off any remains w/ the slam to the ground melee. Maybe there was a way to change this and I just never picked up on it so suggestions would be awesome. With that being said the combat was still very enjoyable and look forward to the open demo this weekend and the full launch of the game. 

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Re: Ranger Melee Combo Adjustment.

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The good thing about this game is that you can do that.  I played the ranger primarily and I used all sorts of ability combos.  Grenade + seeker missile = combo.  Melee + seeker = combo.  Grenade + seeker = combo with a melee to finish.  Melee seeker... you get the idea.. you can use your abilities in what ever order, as long as you prim with an elemental attack to get a combo.  It was so much fun. 

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