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Random spawns


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Random spawns

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Another topic I feel that needs to be addressed are these random car spawns. When traveling 200+ mph, ain’t know way a car just randomly spawn in front of me or be flipping up and disappearing then pop up in front of me cause somebody else hit it. Please fix this. Bad enough the game crashes. Don’t make me crash too

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Re: Random spawns

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@SKYLIXZ I find a lot of times I'm going so fast that the cars actually spawn in me as I pass them on the map. Doesn't make me crash (90% of the time) but I'll see them pop up right as I pass them. Even happens with cops. Which actually works out in my favor because by the time the game spawns the cop in I'm already flying pass them and then there's no chase.
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Re: Random spawns

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Yea I get that sometimes. Maybe like 20% of the time. But that just pop literally in front of me or a friend and bam. I’m hitting them

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